IVS Technology Leads Global Intelligent CCTV Market
IVS Technology Leads Global Intelligent CCTV Market
  • By Lee Kap-soo(kslee@koreaittimes.com)
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IVS Technology CEO Bae Young-hoon

IVS Technology, a state-of-the-art intelligent video surveillance company in Korea, is leading a new paradigm in the global intelligent CCTV market.

For the first time in the world, IVS Technology has developed the "abnormal sound detector system" for CCTV, Bae Young-hoon, CEO of the company, said.

In an interview with The Korea IT Times, CEO Bae, who is also chairman of Korea Information Security Industry Association, said on March 17, "In just six years after the company establishment, we have possessed the original technology for video and sound analysis simultaneously for the first time in the world.

"At the same time, the company has developed a number of state-of-the-art systems to produce smart CCTV, including an intelligent video analysis system, an abnormal sound detector system and an intelligent video restoration system."

Intelligent video surveillance system

For instance, the company developed an intelligent video surveillance system, named IVS-1000, which recognizes objects (people, vehicle, etc.) on images from CCTV, analyzes their motion patterns, and alerts the information via various warning methods (SMS, speaker, warning light, siren etc.) immediately to security persons once an event (intrusion, fire, violence, theft and dumping etc.) is detected.

"Through IVS-1000, we can detect intrusion, fire, smoke, violence, theft, garbage dumping and illegal parking immediately and prevent such incidents by alerting related information to security persons," explained Bae, who once served as the CEO of Netsecure Technology, Nitgen and Company, and Kiryung Electronics listed on the KOSDAQ market.

Abnormal sound detection system

ISD-1000, the company-developed abnormal sound detection system, can detect and analyze received sound and then decide whether the sound is normal or abnormal. If it is abnormal sound, ISD-1000 makes the CCTV move to the location where an event is occurred. Therefore, ISD-1000 can control the CCTV-established region intensively with sound detection.

"By establishing the ISD-1000, Jincheon-gun office in North Chungcheong Province was able to arrest a fraudster who made a bicycle accident on the purpose on Sept. 30, 2014," he said.

"On Aug. 31, 2015, meanwhile, a car driver found the drunken man fell to the street in midnight and made car horns. ISD-1000 detected the car horns sound and saved the drunken man in Daejeon City," he noted.

Intelligent video restoration system

The company also boasts of its intelligent video restoration system, which offers clear and fine video resolution for 24 hours every day even in such cases of bad weather, low illumination, night time and underwater by removing low resolution images through an algorithm it developed to remove disturbing particles and improve image quality.

It also developed the face/object masking system that makes masking to a person who needs to protect the personal information when the local government or public CCTV send an image.

In addition, it developed the unfastened seatbelt detection system that detects an unfastened seatbelt driver when the car pass through a tollgate by making a warning with LED, speaker or warning sign if the person is unfastened.

Among the others it developed are the tunnel accident detection system, the falling detection system and the air-to-ground scoring bombing system.

IVS Technology has made a strategic partnership with many large domestic and foreign companies, including KT, SK, PSI International and ADT.

"For instance, KT decided to merchandise the first all-in-one CCTV abnormal sound detector (Houseguard-II), which was first developed by IVS. It plans to sell 3,600 units this year for about 1 billion won," Bae said.

"ADT also decided to sell IVS-1000(Video Analysis) and IFM-1000(Masking) to compete with S1. And we installed ISD-1000 at Samsung Electronics R&D Center," he added.

Meanwhile, IVS Technology concluded a business agreement with PSI International, a Big Data IT-specialized company in the U.S., on Oct. 7, 2016 to supply security-related IT solutions.

"Now we are planning to export our products to the United States, China, Brazil, the Middle East and Southeast Asia," said Bae who received a presidential citation for technology of Korea in November 2015.

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