HIT Robot Group will debut for its smart factory model and platform for seeking partners at Automate 2017.
HIT Robot Group will debut for its smart factory model and platform for seeking partners at Automate 2017.
  • By D.Peter Kim (info@koreaittimes.com)
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China's robotics manufacturer, HIT Robot Group, will make its debut appearance at Automate 2017, the largest show of robots and automation technology in North America. The company will not only bring its latest smart factory model, but it will also leverage Automate as a platform for seeking global partners.

Hosted by the Association for Advancing Automation (A3) every other year, Automate is one of the top 10 manufacturing shows in the U.S, according to the press of PRNewswire on March 29. This year the event will take place at McCormick Place in Chicago from April 3rd to April 6th, and will attract big names in the automation industry like ABB, Denso and Kawasaki.

Automate 2017 also features a first-ever US-China robotics forum, and HIT Robot Group (booth No. 2018), representing the leading-edge robotics technology of the country, has been invited, along with other Chinese manufacturers, to make its debut -- the first time that any Chinese robotics suppliers have exhibited at this show.

"Despite the fact that the company was founded just two years ago, HRG has recorded tremendous performance in talent development, technology and innovation," says Lei Zhu, Vice President of HRG. "So far the Group has launched more than 100 products covering 20 categories, like smart factory solutions, industrial robots, and service robots, just to name a few."

This time, HRG will bring its "Lithium Battery Wisdom Factory" to Automate. The "Factory" is a fully automated production line for works, and could reduce labor demand by 85%. Another piece is Tianji Drone, an industrial drone equipped with an infrared thermal imaging system that can be adopted for maritime rescue and other public security jobs. Meanwhile, HRG will also introduce its Unmanned Arial Vehicle (UAV) for agriculture uses MERAK to the show.

HRG's mission at Automate goes beyond demonstrating its latest and impressive technologies. As HRG's CEO Fei Wang puts it, "The world has seen China rapidly grow to the largest robot market with vast opportunities. Yet foreign robot suppliers always need a reliable partner that knows the industry and the market to help bridge those opportunities." HRG has, in many respects, proven itself to be a "golden partner" for global players.

Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) is one of the earliest organizations that were engaged in robotics research, and is an outstanding representative of the industry-university-research (IUR) of the robotics in China. It is also the place where China's first spot welding robot, arc welding robot, wall climbing robot, space robot and lunar rover were prototyped and came into being. In addition, dexterous robot hand is another typical representative of HIT's technological achievements.

Leveraging the Harbin Institute of Technology's (HIT) expertise in automation and robotics, HRG has developed a comprehensive range of offerings, encompassing consultancy, localization support, and integrated solutions, for its partners and clients. Its own R&D and technological innovation capabilities top the industry. These advantages have led to productive business exchanges with industrial leaders such as ABB, KUKA, and HOCOMA. Last December, Canada-based service and assistive robot manufacturer Kinova signed a sole partnership agreement with HRG, enabling a successful entry into the fast-growing market.

The Chinese market has greater potential in the future, as the government has made "Made in China 2025" a national strategy, in which robotics has been identified as a priority for growth. According to the 2016 World Robotics Report (published by the International Federation of Robotics), China purchased 27% of the total supply of industrial robots in 2015, making it the largest market in the world. Facing such tremendous opportunity, HRG is eager to seek foreign partners and explore Chinese market together.

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