MivaTek to Showcase Affordable Mobile-Cloud Platform for Pro Dealers at ISC West
MivaTek to Showcase Affordable Mobile-Cloud Platform for Pro Dealers at ISC West
  • By D.Peter Kim (info@koreaittimes.com)
  • 승인 2017.04.06 02:56
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MivaTek, based on Las Vegas, Nevada, a mobile-cloud, IoT platform that will support video-verified, interactive security and healthcare solutions and can increase revenue potential for pro dealers will highlight MivaTek’s presence at ISC West, April 5-7, 2017.

According to the press of Globe Newswire on April 5, powered by MivaTek’s mobile-cloud, Interactive Worldwide Alarm (WWAlarm) provides an industry-leading, dealer-exclusive platform comparable in functionality to Alarm.com at a lower cost. This solution allows installers to generate new recurring revenue streams and enhance existing offerings. Dealers can maximize their earnings potential and provide highly customized solutions including home automation, energy, management, safety, video-verified monitoring, security, healthcare, and more. WWAlarm connects all smart devices under one intuitive mobile app, allowing users to verify, control, and respond to all events anytime, anywhere.

This platform will allow dealers to offer two separate packages to customers:

  • A Total Control Plan that features Home Automation; Remote Arm & Disarm; User Management; Fire/CO Notification; and Water Leak Notification.
  • A Total Care Plan, comprised of Panic Alert; Fall & Panic Alert; Medication Tracker; Geo-fence Tracker; Activity Tracker; Inactivity Tracker; and Automatic Medication Dispenser Tracker.  This plan capitalizes on the aging-in-place trend – as well as recognizing a consumer need for simple, affordable offerings in this expanding market.

The MivaTek Mobile Cloud supports plug-n-play, video-verified collaborative-alarm and event-video reporting, which guarantees prioritized response, reduces casualty, property losses, and false alarm fines, as well as lowering consumer insurance premiums.  With more and more law enforcement agencies requiring video verification to confirm an emergency event, this capability cannot be overstated.  

Joe Liu, CEO of MivaTek, says that his company’s offerings give pro dealers valuable tools to generate extra RMR, always a challenge in an industry plagued by short profit margins.

“For the pro dealer, any opportunity to increase RMR (recurring monthly revenue) is a welcome addition to their sales arsenal,” Liu said. “Through Interactive Worldwide Alarm, we are providing them with solid RMR potential while offering their customers with high-quality systems to keep them safe and secure.”

MivaTek offers a video-verified, connected-home and mobile-cloud platform for cellular/ISP carriers and service providers to increase their value-added recurring monthly revenue (RMR). The latest patent-pending IoT-Link cloud-app can turn a smartphone into an IoT-gateway, adding cellular-line sales and increasing cellular carriers’ average revenue per user (ARPU). The rack-hang, plug-n-play, collaborative security, safety, automation and care solutions require no professional install or call-center overhead, making it especially helpful to cellular/ISP’s value-added service upsell.

MivaTek’s video-verified direct-notification mobile-app generates prioritized emergency response, reduces casualty, property losses, and eliminates false alarm fines. The interactive video, automation, and care solutions are ideal for professional alarm dealers’ service upsell. MivaTek’s scalable platform solution makes broadband IoT network systems simple and affordable for connected home and businesses, healthcare, smart transportation, and enterprise applications. MivaTek offers open-API and concurrent support to global partners. 

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