Novel Approach in Wellness Using AI for Personalized Physical Fitness, Diet
Novel Approach in Wellness Using AI for Personalized Physical Fitness, Diet
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Innovations across wellness, diagnosis, monitoring and therapy are set to disrupt the diabetes care market. For instance, personalized physical fitness and diet recommendations using artificial intelligence (AI) is a novel approach in wellness. In diagnosis, faster and non-invasive methods for detecting diabetes are emerging. In monitoring, semi- and non-invasive products for glucose monitoring, as well as the implants for continuous glucose monitoring, are set to gain foothold in the market. Disease management using data analytics and AI also has the potential to improve the quality of life for diabetics. In therapy, artificial pancreas is the current focus, while cell therapy or cell transplants are likely to be the next high-profile development.

"Rising diabetes prevalence and costs are shifting care focus from monitoring and therapy to prevention and the overall wellbeing of diabetics and pre-diabetics, driving high growth in the wellness segment," said Transformational Health Research Analyst Siddharth Shah. "Diagnosis, however, continues to be the neglected aspect of diabetes, and novel approaches will be necessary to improve screening and early detection to save long-term costs."

According to the press of PRNewswire on April 7 that Future of Diabetes Care Paradigms, Forecast to 2022, new research from Frost & Sullivan's Advanced Medical Technologies Growth Partnership Service program, finds that health expenditure on diabetes and its complications will rise 19 percent annually until 2040, reaching $802 billion. The study examines diabetes-related medical devices, pharmaceutical drugs, and digital technologies such as smartphone apps, wearables, telehealth, analytics and AI. Business and care delivery models, as well as the role of technology giants in diabetes care, are also covered.

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Typically, diabetics remain undiagnosed until other symptoms prompt their physicians to prescribe blood tests. Testing itself is neither quick nor convenient enough for mass screenings, especially in remote or undeveloped regions. As a result, there is a pressing unmet need for tools that are non-invasive, affordable, and fast enough to help diagnose diabetes, preferably at the point of care.

While diagnosis remains the foremost challenge for the industry, therapy is its largest revenue spinner. Challenges with inhaled insulin products are steering research in other directions, such as incretin hormones analogues and cell-based therapies.

Wellness will be the fastest-growing segment, garnering the attention of payers and diabetics. The space will provide opportunities for partnerships and collaboration, as well as reducing care costs. Market majors such as Medtronic, Dexcom and Beta Bionics, as well as technology giants like IBM (Watson) and Verily (Alphabet nee Google's life sciences arm), are leveraging diabetes stakeholders' realization of the growing role of technology in managing the disease.

"Diabetes is no longer limited to developed countries; in fact, the region with the fastest projected growth in the number of diabetics is Africa," noted Shah. "Considering the population sizes of diabetics and growth rates, South East Asia is the most attractive market, closely followed by the Middle East and North Africa, and then South and Central America."


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