Barun Electronics,Start of Industrial Cooperative Youth Education Model at Seoul Technical High School
Barun Electronics,Start of Industrial Cooperative Youth Education Model at Seoul Technical High School
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Barun Electronics, orientation of the 2017 Global Internship Academy

The youth education program of Barun Electronics is chosen as a program to promote social innovatorsby Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education-first lecture held.
Mentors of the Barun Electronics commission on social contribution and students from Seoul Technical High School, located in Daebangdong, Seoul, met for the first time and had the first lecture on April 12.

Anintegrated semiconductor company Barun Electronics (CEO Taesub Kim, 064520) open a regular program at Seoul Technical High School (Principal Hanseok Yan) with Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education (Superintendent of education, Cho Hee Yeon)to promote social innovators and on 13th April announced theirfull support for the educational programup to this year’sDecember.

The Global Internship Academy offered by Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education is an industrial cooperative education model that offers both career and vocational experience, education and a mentoring program for students who are searching for a job or are preparing to go to college. It supports professional career and vocational education for 8 months such as △Trends in IT △Lectures about jobs △Vocational guidance△Personality education (Sharing, Communication, Regardfulness) △Business manners △Financial education △Interview training for selected students.

22 second-year students, who were chosen as participants of 1st Global Internship Academy, together with the head of the Barun commission on social contribution and the co. supporting institutes Korea IT Times, Avingnews China, Newsroh and the marine corps of Korea attended the first lecture which went with a form of orientation.

A second-year student Eu Eunchong who participated in the first lecture on that day said, “I’m glad to have met a mentor who can give me advice not only on a career in ICT which I’m interested in, but also on my personal problems.” “I’m hoping that the lectures of the program will be a good chance for me to make up my career plan”, he added.

The Barun Electronics chief of communication team, Seol Myounghwan, said, “This program aims to help students of specialized vocational high school to strengthen their personality and to be socially independent.” “I hope that the students will be social innovators throughpositive encouragement,and become people, who can solve social problems not for the material gains but for pleasure and curiosity”.

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