S.Korea Should Go with the IT Powers United States
S.Korea Should Go with the IT Powers United States
  • By Kim Seon-moo, Columnist (SMKSTEVE@GMAIL.COM)
  • 승인 2017.04.19 12:26
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Six years ago, people said that a start-up firm like Netflix cannot be changed long history of American media industry.
Things have been changed in last few years and in 2015 Time Warner's subsidiary HBO has virtually admitted that Netflix was right by introducing a streaming service similar to Netflix.
Now, previous success won’t guarantee same success in future in the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, We are expecting generation that ability to create new and missing things is more important than keeping existing assets.

The economic survival strategy also changes

There is no longer continuous growth in this new era, even for a major growing corporation. For example, an automobile can be a mobile computer with value added on software and electronics. Every industry becomes IT related company, not only food and pharmaceuticals industry, but also construction and banking business as well. Now, a company own by person who counts the money in front of the vault and calculates the stock number can’t be survived. Although the Korean economy has global competitiveness in mobile phone semiconductors and some industries, we are facing huge challenges.

Korean companies must challenge upcoming new business in order to servive. Korea has strong engineering system. But even Germany which has world's most powerful engineering system is having difficulties in developing new business areas.It is not so difficult for everyone in such rapid change era. To add the name of care to what you were doing and to add the name love to what you are doing. Korea has no resources and can’t be self-sufficient. It is the fate of Korea to look out for the world.

The true global leader in IT industry today is the United States. They are really strong. Korea should get along with the United States. The United States is Germany, France, Japan and Israel and it is England and Switzerland.

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