Harex InfoTech Inc. Launches “UBpay Smart Payment Service” With DAEMYUNG Resort
Harex InfoTech Inc. Launches “UBpay Smart Payment Service” With DAEMYUNG Resort
  • By Yeon Choul-woong (info@koreaittimes.com)
  • 승인 2017.04.20 02:46
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Harex InfoTech (CEO, Park Kyung-Yang) announces on April 18 that it is supplying UBpay easy & secure smart mobile payment services to DAEMYUNG Resort. Now, all users of the UBpay mobile app and any mobile apps incorporating UBpay payment components can enjoy convenient mobile payments with only a PIN when they make resort reservations or use services at Ocean World & Ocean Bay water parks.

When making reservations on the web site, customers of DAEMYUNG Resort are now able to make easy and secure payment with all major bank debit cards and all credit cards in Korea. The payment service will also expand to mobile app and off-line.

UBpay, a user centric mobile easy payment service, is designed to make a payment on the basis of multi-factor authentication system than guarantees “End-to-End Security” between user and financial institution. User’s payment credentials are not stored in UBpay’s server or app, nor are they passed to a third party or merchant terminal. The customer’s precious financial information is controlled solely by the financial institution.

DAEMYUNG LEISURE INDUSTRY Co., Ltd. is offers world-class service at six hotels and resorts, including DAEMYUNG Resort, VIVALDI Park and SOL BEACH Hotel & Resort. It has been named “Brand of the Year” by Korea Customers Council for 12 consecutive years.
The UBpay service offered by Harex InfoTech Inc. is available at various online and offline merchants and service fields such as CU (Convenience Store), Aladdin (online bookstore), SSG.com (online shopping mall), cultural gift certificate service, utility payment service for 8.5 million apartments, highway toll payment and public home shopping service. UBpay offers numerous online-to-offline Payment Services such as order ahead & pay, order & pay at the table and split the bill & pay at the table now.

In addition, UBpay will soon release a user centric medical FinTech service. This service will enable the patient to pay for hospital expenses from his/her mobile phone without having to go to the payment desk at the hospital. The service also enables the patient to receive an electronic prescription in his/her mobile phone, remotely transmit it to any drugstore he/she designates, and pay the prescription fee.

Harex InfoTech Inc., a pioneer of Fintech, announced the first mobile card payment system in the world at Silicon Valley in April of 2000 and holds many critical patents applying to steps of mobile payment including issuing a mobile card and its management, user centric payment system, pay at the table, split the bill & pay, smartphone push payment based on auto license plate number, multi-factor authentication system combining with PIN and biometrics, P2P remittance and smart ATM service. Harex InfoTech currently supplies these customized services to its alliance partners, including financial institutions, merchants, social-media services and various service providers with Harex InfoTech’s own platform of user centric easy and smart integrated payment, smart ATM, easy remittance, smart tolling, medical FinTech and online-to-offline service, etc. The company is now under the expansion of shared marketing service that brings ‘Win-Win Model” to consumers, merchants, financial institutions, and alliance partners.


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