Much Anticipated KineMaster for iPhone Finally Released on the App Store
Much Anticipated KineMaster for iPhone Finally Released on the App Store
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SEOUL, South KoreaMay 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ Korea IT Times-- KineMaster, a professional video editing app developed by NexStreaming (CEO: Il-Taek Lim), has been released on the App Store.

KineMaster iOS version screenshot 
KineMaster iOS version screenshot

KineMaster, which made its debut on Google Play at the end of 2013, has won the hearts of its users by bringing video editing features to smartphones that were previously only available in a PC environment. KineMaster has been featured internationally as App of the Week on Google Play in numerous countries, and has received multiple awards both at home and abroad. On April 28th, KineMaster launched on the App Store, and is now available to iPhone users as well.

As more and more people record video using smartphones, action cameras, drones and other personal mobile devices, the need to edit these videos for both personal and professional use continues growing. KineMaster makes this possible directly on the smartphone by providing precision audio and video editing tools, as well as multiple video layers (for B-roll and picture-in-picture support), Chroma Key(Green Screen), key-frame animation, animated handwriting, overlays, visual effects and more, with even more effects, music and overlays available for download via the KineMaster Asset Store. The KineMaster user interface is carefully crafted to provide a simple, comfortable and convenient mobile editing experience while still providing a full set of professional editing tools at your fingertips: A blend of power and convenience that sets the standard for mobile video editing.

NexStreaming is preparing a special launch event for KineMaster on iPhone, with free 30-day promotional codes offered to qualifying applicants. Follow @KineMaster on Twitter and watch for a tweet during the first week of May with detailed information on how to participate.

Jaewoo Kim, Head of Video Editing Business Division at NexStreaming, said"KineMaster users produce incredible, sophisticated videos combining many hundreds of carefully choreographed layers and our engineers are building enhanced tools to continue to improve the convenience and seamlessness of working with such complex projects on mobile." He also said, "The KineMaster for iPhone release is a major step forward, reinforcing KineMaster as the market leader in mobile video editing."

NexStreaming also offers the NexEditor SDK, a video editing solution, which is the underlying video editing engine KineMaster is built upon and can also be used to build applications that work with photos and videos on both Android and iOS platforms.

NexStreaming will be attending Mojocon 2017 in Galway, Ireland from May 4th through May 6th to explore business partnership opportunities and to showcase KineMaster's current and upcoming features as well as the new iPhone version.

KineMaster is the editor of choice for professionals and amateurs alike all around the world, including North AmericaEurope, Korea, JapanSaudi ArabiaBrazilIndia and more, and in China under the Chinese brand name "Qiaoying". KineMaster can be installed via the App Store, the Google Play Store, and via the Tencent, Baidu, Xiaomi and 360 app markets in China.

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