NTT Data Stella Cube selects NTT Data Getronics Oculus and Accuity for customer sanctions and politically exposed person screening
NTT Data Stella Cube selects NTT Data Getronics Oculus and Accuity for customer sanctions and politically exposed person screening
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SINGAPORE and TOKYOJune 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ Korea IT Times-- NTT Data Stella Cube has selected NTT Data Getronics' (NTTDG) Oculus and the Accuity Fircosoft solution for customer sanctions and politically exposed person (PEP) screening.

Stella Cube is a shared service centre for Japanese regional banks and has provided services based on the BeSTA banking application to its members since October 2011. The Oculus filtering solution uses the Accuity Fircosoft account screening technology which is designed for the Japanese market. The solution allows member banks of Stella Cube to detect any person subject to economic sanctions as well as Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), both at the time of account opening and afterwards, through batch filtering for part of, or their entire database.

"We selected NTT Data Getronics and Accuity's Fircosoft solution because of the high quality of the fuzzy matching for both Kana and Latin characters, enabling significantly improved performance and more accurate detection for reduced false positives," said Ikuo Funakushi, Deputy Manager at NTT Data Corporation. "In addition, the companies' expertise and proven customer references in the Japanese market were also strong factors in the selection."

"We are very pleased to team up with NTT Data Getronics (NTTDG) to help member banks of Stella Cube minimize their performance challenges and better manage the introduction of additional lists with the adoption of Oculus. These lists include frozen accounts lists (individuals and corporate), OFAC, Ministry of Finance (MOF), JBA (individuals and corporates) and internal lists," said Florence Vicentini, Channel and Alliance Director, Accuity. 

"With our technology integrated into the NTTDG solution, member banks will be able to more effectively manage their customer screening operations with significantly improved performance and accuracy, and better risk protection."

"Prior to selecting our solution, member banks of Stella Cube were using their in-house solution for filtering operations. Now with Oculus and Accuity's Fircosoft, they can reduce performance challenges while ensuring optimal regulatory protection and risk controls," said Takahiro Murata, General Manager at NTT Data Getronics.

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