Successful Online E-Commerce Platform, Floryday Becomes Leader in International Fashion
Successful Online E-Commerce Platform, Floryday Becomes Leader in International Fashion
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HONG KONG, June 16, 2017 / PRNewswire/ Korea IT Times -- Floryday is the leading women's international e-commerce platform selling the latest fashions, apparel and accessories at competitive prices. Presently, the cross-border e-commerce domain has a market scale estimated at over $1 Trillion. Since the company was founded in 2015, thousands of commodities have sold, resulting in a business scale that has grown exponentially. 

 As Floryday continues to explore new clothing and accessories styles, their overall goal has been to maintain its abundant categories. With countless on-trend styles to choose from, each item has been hand selected by its team of buyers, each with an eye for quality and high-style, balanced with a fashion forward approach. Categories include dressesblouses, t-shirts, shoes, coats and bags. Each category has been competitively priced within the market and offers the latest fashions at affordable price points.

Floryday offers a wide variety of new arrivals, which it constantly updates on its site. Persistent at presenting the latest trends and to keep up with its demand, Floryday has given the option to pre-order styles; a feature that is not widely available on other sites. When placing pre-orders, you can expect to receive a generous discount starting at 50% off. Another added feature of shopping with Floryday is its flash sales, where select styles are put on sale for a limited number of days; a feature that has proven to be extremely successful for e-commerce sites. Currently, Floryday's customers shop from all over the world, including EuropeUnited StatesAustralia and Africa. Floryday established itself by becoming well-prepared, with a customer service team available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, with quick delivery anywhere in the world. For example, if you are in the US and place an order on Monday, you could have it delivered to you on that Friday.

Shipping options include standard and expedited delivery. Floryday also offers a fast and worry-free exchange and return policy. Each item is guaranteed and they pride themselves on offering an excellent shopping experience.  As the e-commerce fashion business continues to grow, Floryday expects to see further success along with its expanding customer base and dedication to keeping up with the demands of fashion, on an international scale. As their price points remain affordable to consumers, Floryday expects to see continued growth and recognition within the industry. 


Floryday is an online shopping mall featuring the latest in women's fashion apparel and fashion accessories.

Floryday is on a mission to provide high-quality products from the most trusted companies worldwide. We offer customers an inspiring place to discover the latest and most-wanted products at fantastic prices. Floryday's limited-time sales feature the most sought-after styles and trends in women's fashion and fashion accessories. Each and every item has been hand-picked by someone with a keen eye for the latest trends, highest quality and best workmanship.


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