SmartGolf, a Member Startup of Born2Global Launch "Smart Putter" with Built-in LED Level Indicator
SmartGolf, a Member Startup of Born2Global Launch "Smart Putter" with Built-in LED Level Indicator
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[SAN JOSE, Calif] K-ICT Born2Global Centre (Born2Global), a major Korean government agency, announced on July 20 that SMARTGOLF, a member startup of Born2Global, successfully launched "Smart Putter" with built-in LED level indicator, laser pointer on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. SMARTGOLF is continuing crowdfunding with Smart Putter at Indiegogo until July 30.

The Smart Putter is all-in-one solution to help users score and have more fun on the golf course.

A consistent level swing and proper alignment are key factors when it comes to success with putting.

According to PR Newswire on July 25, the Smart Putter can help users do just that with its technology features. For horizontal movement and a stable swing, the built-in LED level indicators on the head of the equipment light up instantly according to the level of the putter. For proper alignment, the laser pointer built onto the face of the putter can guide the golfer to ensure the ball is hit squarely for it to roll to the right path. With these features, golfers can expect to develop and sustain proper muscle memory that will grant them an early finish.

Although the features listed above are groundbreaking, there is another feature that will live up to the description "Smart". The head of the Smart Putter sends real-time angular and location data to a user's mobile device. The SMARTGOLF app will then provide the golfer with precise analysis of the putt, with the path, velocity, impact point, angle, and so on. The built-in LED level indicators and laser point, along with the live connection with the mobile application, can all be turned off completely with the push of a button located on the putter.


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