2017 IFA Product Technical Innovation Award "Enjoy the Intelligent Technology"
2017 IFA Product Technical Innovation Award "Enjoy the Intelligent Technology"
  • By Kim Min-ji (info@koreaittimes.com)
  • 승인 2017.07.28 10:39
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[LAS VEGAS] This year, "Smart" has become a key word to various cutting-edge products which are embodied with the idea of "wisdom". Smart devices, robots, televisions, and other astonishing high-tech products are promoting the development of smart life, especially the future market of household appliances such as smart homes, smart household applianceswhich indicates the whole household appliance industry is heading towards the age of smart internet.

According to PR Newswire on July 27, As one of the biggest and most influential trade fair of consumer electronics and household appliances, Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin (IFA) has become the central platform for producers and traders of consumer electronics worldwide to display their products, increase communications, and find potential cooperation opportunities. It also serves as the platform for consumer electronics industry to exchange information and obtain consulting services. IFA will be held in Berlin Exhibition Center (Messe Berlin GmbH) from 1st to 6th Sep. 2017. It was established through the joint efforts of IDG and GIC, IFA Product Technical Innovation Award as called the international award for global enterprises of consumer electronics, has been undertaking in full swing.

Introduced by the judge panel, IFA Product Technical Innovation Award will be granted through procedures from professional rating, internet voting, and technical product evaluations based on the product details provided by the competitors. Judge criteria will be set up according to technique to design, functionality to application, and innovation to time-tested features, and the expert group will strictly apply it to each engaging product with their professional and impartial attitude. 

Different prizes in the category of the Gold Award and other brand awards will be carried out. For years, enterprises including SUMSANG, SIEMENS, HTC, LG, TCL, Haier, ZTE, BOE, CEC (Great Wall Computer), CHANGHONG, Galanz, LeTV and DJI have been granted these awards. The winner list will be announced on the date of IFA startup where the awarded enterprises will receive the prizes at the IFA event presented by Miss IFA and event organizer under the witness of various media and press.

The winnes will enter the "IFA International", "IFA HEUTE", and "China Sourcing Directory" via live broadcast, covering 240,000 audience members from European electronics purchasing entities and partners of the electronics industry, as well as the top 500 leading news media, to show off their innovative strength for consumer products to the world.

The judging processes of "IFA Product Technical Innovation Award" of 2017 is undertaken worldwide and the project application section will be closed soon. There will be many premium brands and products active in the IFA event this year.

With the rapid development of the consumer electronics industry in recent years, the need for consumer electronics is increasing along with more requirements for diversification and customization.

Revolving around the internet, also provides new ideas for the transformation of the consumer electronics industry. As the reflection of future household appliances and the consumer electronics industry, IFA and "IFA Product Technical Innovation Award" will promote the change of technological achievements and its industrialization, cultivate innovative products, and improve the product structure. With its platform effect getting more powerful in aspects of intelligence, high quality, and internationalization, it will be able to enhance the transformation and upgrading of the whole industry. 

Aa leading event for cutting-edge technical products, the "IFA Product Technical Innovation Award" aims to show off the power of technical innovation, leading the consumer electronics enterprises to accomplish intelligent upgrading in product functionality, image, user experience, and guides enterprises in promoting technology rearrangement and service evolution so as to endow products with durable and futuristic features as well as consumers with a more comfortable and convenient lifestyle in the future.

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