Mattersight Issued New Patent For Chatbot that Understands Different Personalities & Behavior
Mattersight Issued New Patent For Chatbot that Understands Different Personalities & Behavior
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CHICAGO, Aug. 03, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mattersight Corporation (NASDAQ:MATR), the pioneer in personality-based software applications, has received a new patent which combines the company’s speech analytics and predictive behavior models to create artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms capable of generating chatbot communication that is both humanized and personalized.

Method and System for Generating a Responsive Communication Based on Behavioral Assessment Data, known as Personality Chatbot, is a first-of-its-kind chatbot algorithm set that brands would be able to leverage for digital customer service. By instantaneously analyzing a customer's prior communications and leveraging real-time linguistic analysis, Mattersight’s invention could personalize AI communication for customers via online chat screens, in automated contact centers, through voice enabled devices and even with video avatars.

“We see a couple of significant differences separating our patent from others that are currently on the market or in development,” said Mattersight CTO Chris Danson, one of the solution's inventors. “First, ours isn’t trying to develop its own personality. By analyzing the person communicating, its responses would be a reflection of the customer’s personality, their emotional state, and communication preferences. Secondly, a chatbot is only as good as the interactions used to train it. With Mattersight’s experience of over a billion customer interactions as a knowledge source, the chatbot algorithms generate responses we believe are significantly more intelligent than anything else currently on the market.”

Leading Fortune 500 organizations use Mattersight’s suite of personality-based software applications to improve customer experience in their contact centers. Using a NASA developed personality model and speech recognition algorithms that mine data from over one billion customer service calls, Mattersight is able to analyze a customer's personality and behavior traits in seconds and pair them with an agent they are most likely to have chemistry with. In addition to routing and providing personalized responses to customer inquiries, Mattersight envisions its chatbot technology to be able to work towards more complex interactive conversations in a way not possible today.

"While many developers have been focused on bringing more personality to their chatbots,” continued Danson. “We're aiming to create more personable chatbot conversations by connecting to the customer’s personality and providing an overall greater customer experience. We’re excited to see where this innovation takes us."

About Mattersight
Mattersight unleashes the power of personality to improve every interaction with every customer every time. With tools to learn, analyze, and predict customer behavior based on customer conversations, Mattersight helps brands create chemistry with their customers through shorter, more satisfying conversations that increase loyalty. To learn how Mattersight can help you click better with your customers visit

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