Moon Government What Thing To Do
Moon Government What Thing To Do
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Im Byoung-min Chairman of Agerigna /

In the age of Mobility Generation, many things to get a job and many things to do the job is overflowing.
In particular, Vietnam and Korea are close and have a lot of work to do. Korea can be the growth key shaft of Vietnam's future, and Vietnam can become the future growth engine of Korea. We can approach with a long history of faith and culture. Its basis is the trust that can make the success.

Korea and Vietnam have a lot in common each other. Korea and Vietnam feel pride in what they protect against China and mongo. Vietnam has struggled to win and nature has Dike history. Although they are sandwiched between the superpowers, they have a long history. They have diligent and brilliant people. Two countries have a beautiful culture to respect elders as well.

The Korean War has been developed from the ability to endure the pain and to survive the colonial period. In addition, they have accumulated advanced technology in the field of steel, chemical, semiconductor, car, shipbuilding, IT, telecom industries and so on.

Korea has collaborated with many industry fields in China since they established diplomatic ties with China in 1992. In the early years of cooperation, However technology information was released, so some companies came to near bankruptcy. In addition, many Korean people think that China is no longer a historically or humanly unreliable partner.

From labor productivity to industrial productivity. This means you are living in the age of mobility. We are living in the era of accumulating various knowledge with mobile in hand, producing mobile, and making money by selling knowledge value to mobile. And I mention. The next generation of cyber (Ai) -productivity is coming.

We live in the information age, which is also called Mobility age. We produce sales or consume something or communicate via mobile phones. Korea has high technology in extensive Mobility field like IoT (Internet of Things), semiconductor, car manufacture, bio, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Cloud, Big data and so on. But I do mention the next generation of cyber-productivity society, and I think Korean will solve many problems and improve their system, so they will become the main country in Mobility age. Now, many of Korea's technologies are transferred from the government level to Vietnam, where we have to work together with wisdom to survive and guarantee the future of a fierce competition era.

In 2017, about 6,000 companies are working in the Vietnam. total about 600,000 companies in Korea. As a first step, we need to move about 10% of companies to Vietnam to create international competitiveness. Automatically transfer the technology of the company Global marketing quality management Productivity For TQC education and so on, workers will be a good way to create a lot of jobs there. There are about 300,000 jobs in the farmer's sector to Vietnam.
For example, sparrows also have their feathers spread out of sweat to eat from high places to land ground. It is sweat to find them. People’s should live by the value of effort and perspiration.

Laziness is the destruction of a nation's people. people have to pay for efforts and sweat. Just giving free is a narrow way to weaken and ruin the country. In the age of mobility, Job is overflowing. Mr, Moon Government employment creation should not be found in the door. It can do found outside the door. Once again, In the age of Mobility Generation, many things to get a job and many things to do the job is overflowing.

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