It’s Raining 3D!
It’s Raining 3D!
  • Chun Go-eun
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iPoint 3D

3D is on fire. The 3D movie Avatar is sweeping 2D movies with a broom, and many fans already await the next 3D movie such as Alice in Wonderland. This is the era where 3D has proven to be the focal point of Hollywood. Korea is launching 3D television programs this year and industries are also gearing up for the 3D Era including medical, advertisement, and construction.

3D advertisements will soon conquer the air, and museums are envisioning exhibits in 3D. Cyber construction engineering and management is already happening. By constructing a building in virtual space, will result in a more accurate and satisfying experience than ever before. 3D endoscope, 3D Computed Tomography is on way into the medical field for better patient care and this is all the beginning of the 3D movement.

"When 3D technology tops the previous business or traditional industry, it becomes a whole new industry. This is the 3D convergence industry or business," defined by President Kim Eun-soo of KICS.

Creation of a new higher-value added industry is the 3D Convergence. At the '3D Convergence 2010' Forum on February 11, 3D masters from industries, institutes, and research centers will garner together at the Seoul, Press Center. At the forum there will be many subjects to discuss such as "how to develop and expand the 3D convergence industry"

It is an urgent matter to set a strategy to compete in the global 3D content market. Since 3D movies and broadcasting content are in the hot zone, a spotlight goes to the promotion of business. The current 3D technology can also bring a revolution to the performing arts industry. In theater art, virtual performance can be given in the open air by recording the previous play. The high image quality makes the characters look like real characters performing on the stage. The problem here, once again, is not how to apply 3D technology into the traditional industries, but how is Korea going to be noted as the top competitor in the global market.

Core Technology

The '3D Convergence 2010' forum is a big party of 3D researchers. This means that the forum will discuss heavily on the subject of core technology. How will we develop core technology and to process patents How to expand it further to an international standardization


The current 3D technology is the sparrow type, which hurts the viewer if seen for a long period of time. The only solution to this problem is the hologram. Korea is in the process of developing hologram technology. Hologram TV and technology will soon be commercialized. The forum will discuss on the note of dividing roles in order to dominate the future 3D market in advance with the next generation technology.

Safety Guidelines

'3D Convergence 2010' Forum is expected to emphasize the necessity of safety guidelines. How to prevent dizziness for viewers, how to accommodate viewers with less stress, and other safety guidelines will be discussed.

Evaluation and Verification

It is obvious that more 3D content will shower the movie and broadcasting industry, but where are the standards for broadcasting equipment Evaluation and verification standards or even a certification process will be suggested at the forum.

From IT Strength Country to 3D Strength Country

Korea's strength lies in IT and with the highly competitive display technology. The 3D Era is just around the corner, and the best government policy is needed. Many voices will suggest ideas to penetrate the 3D global market." Just like a World EXPO, some annual events like a 3D Festival will be ideal," added President Kim Eun-soo of KICS.

The fire is on, and 3D is cooking. What spices would '3D Convergence 2010' bring

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