Open Road Integrated Media Now Live with Vistaar Publisher Pricing Solution
Open Road Integrated Media Now Live with Vistaar Publisher Pricing Solution
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PARSIPPANY, N.J., Aug. 09, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Vistaar Technologies, Inc. (Vistaar), a leading provider of pricing and promotion software, announced today that Open Road Integrated Media (OR/M) has completed the rollout of Vistaar’s Publisher Pricing Solution across its organization. Equipped with Vistaar’s technology, OR/M is now able to drive the pricing of its entire e-book catalog in a dynamic fashion to respond to changes in buying patterns and enhance the consumer experience.

“We are pleased to work collaboratively with the Vistaar team to deliver on our ambitious plan to optimize our catalog pricing. Vistaar’s pricing and technology expertise combines well with our industry experience to help make this innovation a reality,” said Matthew Shatz, executive vice president, revenue, OR/M. “The early results are promising. We anticipate the Vistaar solution will provide measurable value and help us more effectively monetize our catalog, leading to a win-win scenario for our readers and our authors.”

Vistaar’s Publisher Pricing Solution optimizes every title in OR/M’s catalog, provides intelligent analytics to facilitate pricing decisions and employs a self-learning framework to ensure continuous alignment of price with market demand. This solution is powered by Vistaar’s well-known pricing platform, which is used by market leaders across industries to manage several hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue.

“We are delighted to collaborate with Open Road, who is clearly leading the change to a data-driven world of decision making in the publishing industry,” said Venky Subramanian, senior vice president of global customer success, Vistaar. “We look forward to continuing our collaboration and helping Open Road realize long-term value through optimized pricing.”

About Open Road Integrated Media
Open Road Integrated Media is a prestige content brand delivering digital experiences that entertain and inform. Its network of digital properties produces compelling stories that keep audiences engaged—across devices and around the world. Open Road brands include Early Bird Books, a daily e-book deals newsletter and website; The Lineup, for fans of true crime and horror; The Portalist, for fans of science fiction and fantasy; and Open Road Media, a global e-book publisher of legendary authors such as Joan Didion, Joyce Carol Oates, William Styron, Alice Walker, Pat Conroy, Gloria Steinem, Octavia Butler, John Jakes, Pearl S. Buck and Sherman Alexie.

About Vistaar Technologies, Inc.
Vistaar is a leading provider of price management solutions that enable companies to achieve pricing best practices through price analytics, price optimization, price list management and deal management. Our technology transforms pricing and related operations into a strategic advantage for some of the world’s largest manufacturers, distributors and service providers. For these companies, Vistaar pricing solutions drive measurable price and margin improvements to deliver profitable growth and maximum shareholder value. Vistaar’s operations include offices across North America, Europe and Asia. For more information, visit

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