ClearStory Data and StraVis Solutions Partner to Automate Data Prep and Data Blending for SAP Applications and Disparate Data Sources
ClearStory Data and StraVis Solutions Partner to Automate Data Prep and Data Blending for SAP Applications and Disparate Data Sources
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MENLO PARK, Calif., Aug. 15, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ClearStory Data, the company bringing business-oriented data analytics to everyone with its automated Data Prep and Data Inference, automated data blending via Intelligent Data Harmonization™, and smart Data Discovery for disparate data sources, today announced a partnership with StraVis IT Solutions. Organizations relying on SAP for Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management, Financial Operations and Human Capital Management are now able to work with a recognized SAP partner to access and discover, prep and harmonize data from SAP and other diverse data sources to see fast updating insights.

Working with large or complex data sources is now the norm across most organizations and industries. ClearStory’s machine-based data preparation, data quality reconciliation, smart data discovery and automated data blending, accelerates and eases working with the scale and complexity of data sources today. 

StraVis Solutions provides key services to help organizations extract and utilize data from any SAP system. In addition to implementing ClearStory Data’s solution for customers combining their SAP data with other disparate data sources, StraVis Solutions will assist enterprises with the business and technology expertise required to leverage ClearStory’s blended and harmonized data for fast, scalable, holistic insights. The value to customers is a fully automated, point-and-click solution for preparing and harmonizing large or complex disparate data sources, combined with the functional, technical and process design expertise of an SAP Partner.

“Companies today are trying to speed their data prep, discovery and blending process and when data is complex, this effort mandates machine-driven smarts and automation versus traditional approaches which are slow and cumbersome,” said Sharmila Mulligan, CEO and Founder of ClearStory Data. “Since many of our customers use SAP particularly in the Manufacturing, CPG and Retail industries, partnering with StraVis Solutions allows customers to benefit from a complete end-to-end solution from software to services to accelerate their analytics needs at scale.”

"SAP customers are facing two significant data related problems today,” said Ram Rishi, CEO of StraVis Solutions. “First, they are challenged managing their data to extract valuable insights.  Second, they have difficulty merging the data with other sources to create the reporting necessary to obtain these insights. We are pleased to be working with ClearStory by leveraging StraVis Solutions’ expertise in SAP environments extended into analytics so that our customers can derive value from this information to help them drive the business.“

ClearStory Data’s solution provides key capabilities to speed insights including:

  • Automated data prep, data discovery, data quality and transformations of data, at scale, by intelligently inferring semantics across all data values with ClearStory’s Data Inference including internal data from multiple SAP systems as well as customers’ proprietary and syndicated disparate data sources

  • Automated data blending across complex internal and external data sources via ClearStory’s machine-based Intelligent Data Harmonization™ eliminating traditional lengthy data modeling cycles

  • Smart data discovery for all data values, patterns and correlations in blended data sets with Smart Data Discovery to further identify the most relevant data dimensions for exploration and analysis and reach insights that were previously unattainable

  • Data quality rationalization and Granular Data Governance for all data from SAP Applications and disparate data sources, that are combined and blended into interactive holistic insights

Through ClearStory’s fast, fully automated end-to-end process, organizations are reducing time spent data wrangling and data modeling from days and weeks, to minutes. For more information on the benefits of ClearStory Data and StraVis IT Solutions, please visit

About ClearStory Data

ClearStory Data is bringing scalable Business-oriented Data Analytics to everyone to accelerate the way business leaders get answers from more data, on a faster cycle, across any number of internal and external disparate data sources. ClearStory is uniquely differentiated with modern capabilities across smart data discovery, data prep via Data Inference, automated Intelligent Data Harmonization™. ClearStory Data also is a pioneer in leveraging Apache Spark-based data processing to speed insights from large and complex data sources. The company is headquartered in Menlo Park, CA with offices across North America and backed by Andreessen Horowitz, DAG Ventures, Google Ventures, Khosla Ventures and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB).

CONTACT: Media Contact:

Alexia Krispin
tel: 650-322-2408

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