SK Telecom Showcases Most Advanced Mobile Converged Technologies
SK Telecom Showcases Most Advanced Mobile Converged Technologies
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  • "Global O.P.E.N. Collaboration" theme will be highlighted at SK Telecom's 260 m2 exhibition space
  • For the first time, SK Telecom will introduce its most advanced services for the global market, such as "Smart Payment" and "Mobile in Vehicle" that utilize converged mobile technologies to enhance the productivity in industries
  • Other cutting-edge services and technologies to be featured include "Smart SIM," "WPAN on Card," "Sound Code" and "3D Conversion Technology"

Seoul, February 16, 2010 - SK Telecom (NYSE:SKM, KSE: 017670) today kicks off its participation at the GSMA Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona, Spain. For the first time, the company will showcase its most advanced mobile converged offering for the international market. 

SK Telecom will have a main exhibition booth at Hall 8, Booth 8C115 and another booth at Avenue AV09. The theme will be "Global O.P.E.N. Collaboration" which aims to promote Opportunities, Partnerships, Evolution and Networking, and highlight SK Telecom's position as a Global ICT Leader.  

"At Mobile World Congress 2010, we will highlight our innovation and leadership by showing cutting-edge mobile services and technologies for the global market. We plan to utilize our sensing and network technologies to create solutions and services that can help industries enhance their performance and efficiency." said Hang-Soo Lee, Senior Vice President of SK Telecom's PR Office. "It will also be a great opportunity for us to seek further collaboration opportunities with global partners as we forge partnerships to further develop innovative services for global customers." 

By participating in the exhibition of GSMA Mobile World Congress 2010, SK Telecom aims to further enhance its image as an advanced technology leader in the mobile telecommunications field. SK Telecom plans to explore open collaboration opportunities with developers and business partners from the global ICT industry to further develop innovative convergence services for customers around the world. The company hopes these efforts will help contribute to shaping SK Telecom into a Global ICT Leader. 

In line with the company's new Industry Productivity Enhancement (IPE) strategy, which aims to raise productivity in industries through converged mobile services, SK Telecom will showcase services such as Mobile In Vehicle, Smart Payment Service and WPAN on Card.

  • Mobile In Vehicle allows users to use their mobile phones to diagnose and control their cars, and enjoy diverse mobile multimedia services using 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth network technologies.
  • Smart Payment Service provides an integrated payment solution for the mobile phone - including payment, coupon, and membership functions - through a mobile USIM card.
  • WPAN on Card is a convergence microSD or USIM card integrated with WPAN chips such as ZigBee and RFID. The card provides connectivity to ICT devices merging ICT with various fields enabling smart home, smart grid, smart logistics and so on.  
 Advanced mobile and network technology will also be on display at the booth, including SKT Smart SIM, Mobile WiMAX (WiBro) and LTE.
  • SKT Smart SIM, soon to be the world-first commercialized high-capacity SIM card, can store not only contacts and SMS but also membership information and multimedia such as photos and video contents. The card can also execute various mobile applications including games. Smart SIM technology was developed through GSMA Smart SIM standardization project initiated by SK Telecom. SKT Smart SIM is a advanced version of this technology.
 Mobile WiMAX (WiBro) and LTE will be on show, providing a true mobile broadband environment for visitors to enjoy.
  • The world's first outdoor-use WCDMA Femtocell and WiMAX Femtocell allow mobile Internet service to relatively smaller areas such as at home or in mid-size buildings. SK Telecom is dedicated to offering an advanced network environment that allows users to enjoy various wireless Internet services to the fullest.
Visitors coming to SK Telecom booth will also be able to experience first-hand the advanced technologies for next-generation contents. With the rollout of 4G networks in the future, technologies that enable high definition or high quality content will also become important as a means of providing a richer experience for mobile users.
  • Sound Code is a technology that can insert meta data that cannot be heard by naked ear into audio contents. The data is then accessible when the music is played and can be utilized in broadcast, advertising and UCCs.
  • 3D Conversion Technology can transform 2D video contents to 3D and also change 2D broadcasting signals including CATV and IPTV to 3D in real-time. SK Telecom is planning to provide the world's first 3D mobile broadcast service in Korea utilizing this technology.
  • Live Share is a multimedia service based on IMS (IP Multimedia Sub-system) technology that allows users to share diverse contents including high quality video, file, photo, contacts, location and webpage contents during voice call.
 Other convergence services and technologies such as T-Bag, Convergence IPTV and Network Business Solutions will also be exhibited. 

GSMA Mobile World Congress 2010, organized by the GSM Association, is the largest telecom industry event in the world. Industry representatives from across the globe visit Barcelona each year to participate in the conference, exhibition and awards ceremony that highlights technologies and services that will shape the future of mobile industry. The exhibition this year is expected to have over 1,300 participating companies and over 60,000 visitors from around the world. Major global telecommunication companies such as Ericsson, NTT DOCOMO and Samsung will set up a booth during the event

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