Gnowbe attracts global thought leaders in Harvard, Facebook, EdTech, ExecEd, HR and Learning
Gnowbe attracts global thought leaders in Harvard, Facebook, EdTech, ExecEd, HR and Learning
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Global thought leaders in Harvard, Facebook, EdTech, ExecEd, HR and Learning

[SINGAPORE/SILICON VALLEY] Silicon valley- and Singapore-headquartered start-up Gnowbe, a market leader for mobile-first, micro-learning, announced on September 4, the addition of 4 new advisors to join their experienced, global team to help with aggressive growth and development,according to PR Newswire. The new advisors include:

Professor John J-H Kim, Senior Lecturer (EdTech Innovation Expert), Harvard Business School and Chief Executive Officer of District Management Group

John J-H Kim is a senior lecturer for Business Administration at Harvard Business School and teaches courses such as, Entrepreneurship and technology innovations in education, a course which he created and Social Innovation Lab, which provides an opportunity for students to build a social enterprise using business disciplines and entrepreneurial tools.

"I am very excited to be part of Gnowbe because it is at the forefront of innovation in professional development and training to provide the most effective and scalable way to enable the most relevant real-time learning. The management team has the vision and energy to execute on an exciting vision for the future."

Dominique Turpin, Former President, Current Dean of External Relations, IMD (International Institute of Management Development), Executive Education, Marketing & Brand Management

Dominique Turpin has extensive experience at IMD, one of the top ranked Executive Education providers globally, as the former President and as a professor for marketing. He has curated successful programs for companies such as Groupe SEB, Panasonic and Japan Tobacco International. Aside from IMD, Dominique has also consulted and educated many international companies, notably Coca Cola, Nestle and Phillips.

"It is great to be part of a pioneering venture focused on a new form of education, the most important asset humans need. Thanks to Gnowbe, I learn every day in order to teach tomorrow"

Tuyen Nguyen, Regional Sales Manager, Americas, Publisher Solutions, Facebook, former Google executive for 11 years

Tuyen leads publisher acquisition and strategy development for the NA mobile app market for Facebook. She is hyper-focused on building highly efficient sales teams and has worked globally, bridging the gap between Product and Sales/Marketing. With 10 years of online advertising experience, Tuyen has worked with Fortune 500 Tech B2B companies like Google and has lived/worked in Vietnam, India, US and Singapore.

"I believe in education democratization and the power of digital in providing a meaningful opportunity to the next 5 billion people. I believe in Gnowbe because it provides a frictionless platform with the potential to accelerate learning and development to the next 5 billion."

Yin Cheng Lau, Former Group HR Head, IDA

Living in the intersection of Technology, Human Resources, and Organisation Development, YC helps organisations and leaders be "Future Ready". YC has 20 years of MNC and Government HR & OD leadership experience in Hi-Tech, Telecommunications, Hospitality, Start-Up, and Supply Chain Management sectors across Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. He advises C-level executives, start-ups, and boards in tackling complex people challenges, connects them with relevant partners via his network, and encourages them to realize their full potential in a digital future of possibilities. The start-ups YC advises include those in AI/Machine Learning, IOT, 5G, Workforce Analytics, micro-learning, computer vision, & energy management. Yin Cheng has a vast experience from the Ascott Group, SembCorp Logistics and the Ministry of Manpower.

"I am part of Gnowbe because of its potential to disrupt how people learn new skills & adopt fresh mindset shifts as well as how organisations stay relevant and agile in a fast changing and interconnected world. Gnowbe leadership team are experts in people and organisation transformation and truly appreciates how tech can be used to realize the full potential of individuals, teams, and organisations in a digital future of possibilities. Gnowbe has the potential to be "the" Facebook of Learning & Development!"

Commenting on the announcement, CEO and co-founder of Gnowbe, So-Young Kang said: "We are honored to have such an esteemed group of advisors provide their expertise to help us with our aggressive growth plans. They represent the "best of the best" across US, Europe and Asia which further builds our credibility globally with clients and partners.

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