AscendantFX launches the world’s first B2B payment mobile app for IOS and Android
AscendantFX launches the world’s first B2B payment mobile app for IOS and Android
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TORONTO, Sept. 11, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE/Korea IT Times) -- AscendantFX Capital Inc. (AFX) is thrilled to officially announce the launch of their new mobile app, APay Mobile.  APay Mobile is the world’s first mobile app that is focused on international payments for business. It joins the market leading suite of products AFX has produced including: AFXLink, for API integration with enterprise software; AFXOnline, a web based platform for B2B and B2C; and AFXFI, a platform focused on making international payments secure and efficient for financial institutions globally.   

AscendantFX’s new mobile app gives busy executives the convenience of making and approving payments, viewing previous account activity, receiving notifications, tracking payments and above all, accessing the secure platform that AFX prides itself on wherever they are.

“We pride ourselves on technology, payment execution, exceptional customer service and being a great partner. We are very pleased to bring this new app to the market. Creating a mobile app that allows corporate customers to manage all their international payable and receivable needs was a formidable challenge but one we were eager to take on.  As with our other solutions, we’re focused on making our client experience as easy, effortless and convenient as possible and I think we’ve hit the mark,” says Jason Mugford, President and CEO. 

Apay Mobile has gained enormous popularity amongst its global stakeholders since the launch in December 2016.  These latest up-to-date features provide clients with complete flexibility and control over their FX money management experience – anytime, anywhere.

About AscendantFX Capital Inc.
AscendantFX marries the worlds of technology and international payment delivery to provide award-winning, technology-based payment solutions for your business. The solutions are innovative, customer-focused, and backed by over 250 years of combined experience in the corporate foreign exchange, international payments and FX exposure risk management markets.  Thousands of corporations and financial institutions in North America trust AscendantFX as their international payment provider.

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