Clustrix, Opening of Seoul Office with ClustrixDB Customer Base in Korea and APAC
Clustrix, Opening of Seoul Office with ClustrixDB Customer Base in Korea and APAC
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Clustrix hires Jin Lim, VP of Technology and Eun-Chul Lee, Korea Country Manager

[SAN FRANCISCO] Clustrix announced its commitment to the Korea market with the opening of its Seoul office and the hiring of Eun-Chul Lee as Country Manager of Korea and Jin Lim as VP of Technology. The office will support the rapidly growing, according to press of PR Newswire on October 12.

ClustrixDB customer base in Korea and APAC. ClustrixDB is the leading MySQL replacement scale-out database for high-volume OLTP applications deployed in the cloud and on-premise. ClustrixDB scales both read and write workloads without sharding or replication while maintaining low latency, high concurrency, and high availability.

"The Korean and APAC markets are rich with the SaaS, ad tech, e-commerce, social, and gaming applications at which our distributed database excels with its ability to process millions of transactions a second," said Mike Azevedo, CEO of Clustrix. "We are seeing huge growth for Clustrix in these markets, so it was important to bring on a strong team with prior success in the Korean market."

Clustrix Appoints Jin Lim, formerly of Samsung Electronics, as VP of Technology
Mr. Lim brings more than 17 years of R&D experience in scale-out database, storage infrastructure, and information sharing applications to Clustrix. Most recently he led a sought-after R&D team with Samsung Electronics where his main responsibility was to design new data store technology for the future and enable existing cloud storage service to keep pace with global demand, while also leading both strategic M&A and technology alliance. Previously, Mr. Lim held positions at Couchbase, Oracle, and EMC.

Mr. Lee, well known to Korean Olympics fans as a gold medal winner in shooting, joins Clustrix from Treasure Data where, as Korea General Manager, he established the company as a top brand in the data analysis market. Previously, he was CEO of DAS and IoT module company, Intelra Inc., where he worked with companies such as KT, Softbank, and Qualcomm.

Clustrix will be supporting its APAC customers out of the Seoul office, with Allen Lee leading APAC Technical Support and Services.

Clustrix delivers the world's leading scale-out SQL database perfectly suited for high-value, high-performance OLTP applications that run on-premise or in the cloud. ClustrixDB is a drop-in MySQL replacement and is known for its on-demand scalability, high availability, resiliency, ACID compliance, and shared-nothing architecture. ClustrixDB avoids the expensive redesign and redevelopment of MySQL applications and data architectures required by the typical MySQL scaling techniques such as replication and sharding. ClustrixDB delivers more than twenty-five trillion transactions per month for customers including AOL, Nielsen, Match, MakeMyTrip, Photobox, Rakuten, and Symantec. ClustrixDB is available in software that runs on commodity hardware and on any cloud. Clustrix is headquartered in San Francisco.

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