COP23 is Also About Passive House
COP23 is Also About Passive House
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[Darmstadt/Bonn, Germany] The world climate conference in Bonn is an internationally
recognised event; after all, it is about global climate protection. The UN has expressly
mentioned Passive House buildings as a way to achieve significant energy savings in the
building sector. The Passive House Institute from Darmstadt is also on the ground at the COP23
in Bonn. In addition, a delegation will be visiting a new Passive House student residence during
the conference. As part of the Passive House Open Days, taking place at the same time as the
climate conference, the opportunity to visit the student residence in Bonn will also be open to
interested members of the public.

193 Contracting States convene

Up to 25,000 participants from all over the world are expected to attend the conference in Bonn, taking
place until 17 November. These will include several hundred non-government organisations as well as
journalists from the 193 Contracting States. Under the official presidency of the Fiji Islands, the
Contracting States will convene for twelve days in order to develop directives for the implementation of
the Paris Agreement. These directives will be adopted at the 2018 climate conference in Poland.

Buildings must become more energy efficient

Additionally, there will be a comprehensive supporting programme of the COP23 in which the
importance of the activities of non-governmental stakeholders relating to climate change will be
highlighted. In the Emissions Gap Report 2016, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
has already identified Passive House buildings as a way of increasing the energy efficiency of buildings
and thus reducing climate change on account of their low energy demand.

Passive House Institute was also in Paris and Marrakesh

The Passive House Institute is on the ground at the COP23 in Bonn just as it was during the previous
climate conferences in Paris and Marrakesh to advocate climate protection in the building sector.
Passive House buildings already meet the requirements of the European Buildings Directive today,
which specifies the Nearly Zero Energy standard for all new buildings from 2020.

New partnerships

"The COP is a good way to promote the Passive House Standard and its global application. There are
many positive examples of Passive House buildings, both residential and non-residential, in climates
ranging from very cold to very hot. One of these is the first Passive House building in Dubai.
Furthermore, new partnerships resulting in pilot projects are always being developed at COP. We have
started a joint project with the GIZ in Morocco," explains Camille Sifferlen, a scientific assistant who
will be representing the Passive House Institute in Bonn.

Delegation visit a student hostel in Bonn

During the climate conference, an international delegation of the Global Alliance for Building and
Construction (GABC) will take a look at what the Passive House Standard actually means in practice.
The Federal Chamber of Architects in Germany (BAK) invited the group to view specific examples of
sustainable architecture, including the new Passive House student residence 42! in Bonn. Together
with the architects Kay Künzel, the clients have completed a student residence with 32 apartments
combining ecology with cost-efficiency.

Projects in Bonn and Dubai in the race

The student hostel in Bonn and the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center (MBRSC) in Dubai have
been nominated as beacon projects for sustainable constructions in the Green Solutions Award 2017.
The prize is awarded within the framework of the COP23 and recognises projects which contribute
towards compliance with the 2°Celsius goal and improve the living conditions of users.

Student residence opens for everyone

The Passive House Open Days event will take place simultaneously with the COP23 in Bonn from
10 - 12 November 2017. Several hundred Passive House residents throughout the world will invite all
interested persons to experience for themselves the extremely energy efficient Passive House
Standard and the improved living comfort associated with it. All buildings which can be viewed are
listed in the project database of the Passive House Institute ( The
student residence 42! in Bonn is also listed here under the ID number 5449. This impressive project
will be open for viewing on Friday, 10 November 2017 between 11 am and 16 pm.

Trailblazing People's Republic

Passive House projects in China will also be open to the public during the Passive House Open Days.
Energy efficient construction is highly popular in the People's Republic, which has been a member of
the United Nations since 1945. Dr. Berthold Kaufmann of the Passive House Institute explains: "The
government and stakeholders in construction, and project developers in particular have recognised
that quality-awareness and energy efficient construction are extremely important for effective reduction
of CO2 emissions. In China this is particularly worthwhile due to the numerous residential areas which
will soon be built there."

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