Merck Explores Digital Transformations at Displaying Futures Symposium in Tokyo
Merck Explores Digital Transformations at Displaying Futures Symposium in Tokyo
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[Darmstadt, Germany /Tokyo, Japan] Merck, has convened its eighth Displaying Futures symposium in Tokyo. The theme of this year’s event is Digital Transformations. Experts in robotics, artificial intelligence (AI) and design will examine digital transformation from various angles and explore current developments affecting individuals and society. Every year, Merck, a market leader in high–technology materials, including liquid crystals for displays, hosts the symposium to stimulate interdisciplinary dialogue regarding the evolution and potential of technology, and its future impact on society.

On November 10, Kai Beckmann, Member of the Executive Board & CEO Performance Materials, said “Merck is driven by curiosity and the passion to help create a better society. Since our founding in 1668, we have consistently innovated towards this goal. This is the second time we are holding the Displaying Futures symposium in Tokyo. As digital technologies rapidly change the world around us, this dialogue enables us to anticipate important societal and product-related trends and share ideas for developing new strategies that can expand business opportunities.

We look forward to exchanging new insights with our customers and partners on how technology
helps to advance science and will shape future society.” Ralf Annasentz, Representative Director, Chairman and President of Merck Ltd. in Japan, said, “The Displaying Futures initiative started here in Japan seven years ago, and we are delighted to once again host this event. Japan, the most advanced country in the domains of AI and robotics, is the best place for a dialogue on digital transformation. We are sure that this discussion will stimulate the curiosity of all the participants.”

Speakers include:

• Neil Harbisson, artist and cyborg activist. As the first cyborg to be recognized by a government, Neil will talk about how technology can extend the boundaries of human perception.

• Anab Jain, co-founder of London-based design studio Superflux, will outline the firm’s design process, and how it responds to current digital, societal, cultural and technological changes. She will also give her views on what she considers to be today’s core topics and challenges in the fields of technology and design.

• Tomotaka Takahashi, one of Japan’s leading experts on robotics and founder of ROBO GARAGE Co., LTD., will highlight the potential of robots and the roles they might play in people’s everyday lives in the future.

• Fiona Raby, one of the heads behind the design duo Dunne & Raby, will present how the firm approaches the challenges presented by new technologies and digital transformations, and discuss the part played by design in emerging technologies.

The speeches will be followed by a panel discussion, moderated by artist Sputniko!

In addition, the symposium will be accompanied by a new edition of Displaying Futures magazine, offering extensive portraits of the speakers together with essays providing further insights into digital transformation.

Through Displaying Futures, Merck will continue to bring together designers, architects, artists, scientists and experts from various fields for inspiring dialogue offering new viewpoints on how society will develop in the future.

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