The 'Pro Gaming Training Camp' Welcome Gamers Around the World. Gamecoach
The 'Pro Gaming Training Camp' Welcome Gamers Around the World. Gamecoach
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[SEOUL,Korea] GameCoach Academy, the No.1 e-Sports Academy managed by Bigpicture Interactive, operating in the very core of the Korean game scene, has announced on November 10 that it has expanded its Pro Gaming Training Program for individuals this winter, welcoming gamers of all ages and skills

Originally planned as a one-time special program for the Summer of 2017, the 'Pro Gaming Training Camp' was welcomed by gamers around the world. Gamecoach has made a bold decision to expand and host the program every month. The program now welcomes both Overwatch and League of Legends gamers..

GameCoach, founded in 2015, is a top Korean e-Sports academy, and has trained players to become actual professional gamers, including 'Fate' Pan-seung Koo of Immortals. The company is currently providing several coaching programs to pro gamer trainees and recreational gamers in Korea.

Gamecoach currently operates Element Mystic, a team playing in Overwatch APEX Challengers. Element Mystic recently presented a surprising victory to the Korean Overwatch fans by sweeping Team South Korea, the champion of the Overwatch World Cup 2017, with a 3:0 win.

GameCoach is currently collaborating with Lunatic-Hai to provide online Overwatch lectures on the GameCoach Global channel on Youtube, and the company is also known for its network with foreign pro teams. GameCoach hosted the bootcamp for Unicorns of Love, a professional League of Legends team participating in the EU LCS. Also, they held the GameCoach Global Party for foreign teams who visited Korea for APEX.

The Academy provides, in its ten-day program, 1) numerous coaching sessions from Korean professional coaches interpreted in English, 2) chances to visit the gaming house of Korean professional e-Sports teams, 3) excursions to professional e-Sports tournaments in Korea, 5) visits to Korean internet cafes, 6) and sightseeing sessions to experience Korea, the land of the Morning Calm. With experienced interpreters as hospitality managers, gamers will be able to experience every bit of the Korean gaming scene and culture.

More than one session every month will be held during this winter and spring, of which the application period has already commenced. Those gamers who apply in teams, will get a 10% discount. Visit or for more details about GameCoach Academy and the program.

"The expansion of our Pro Gaming Training Camp was made possible thanks to the great support of gamers worldwide. We will continue our efforts to maintain our tradition of excellence, providing a wide variety of experience for gamers," exclaimed Gunhwi Park, Global Business Manager at GameCoach Academy.


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