Secret of Hidden Space and Stopped Time
Secret of Hidden Space and Stopped Time
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Jung Yeon-tae, chairman of SNS Industry Development Institute

Those who studied mathematics know natural numbers and imaginary numbers (i). In the numbers, there are natural numbers such as -1, -2, -3 and 0, 1, 2, 3. And there are decimals and fractions indicating the gap. They have a clear meaning conceptually and physically.

For an instance, if we indicate numbers in a straight line in a random interval, we can show the gap between a number and another number with fraction or decimal. In case of linking the numbers, it becomes a single connected straight line.

However, among the numbers, imaginary numbers (i) exist conceptually only so that we cannot show the numbers physically. Although imaginary numbers do not exist, we can add, subtract, multiply and divide them. And in case of multiplying imaginary number (i) by imaginary number (i), it becomes -1, a natural number.

Imaginary number that we cannot see or show is an amazing number in mathematics. Imaginary number plays a role of ring connecting reality and virtual world. We can express the past that we know, the present and the future endlessly like the flow in the straight line.

But, time that cannot appear in the continuous flow such as the past, the present and the future can exist. The time that we cannot show through eyes or express, and the time that exists conceptually only. I define it as imaginary time (stopped time).

The same logic is applied to space. The world of dots that we can see, the world of line that links many dots, lines gather to create area, and areas create space after being accumulated. Such a space and time combine to create our environment. Even in such a space, the space of imaginary numbers like an imaginary number, namely a hidden space, exists.

Although the space of imaginary numbers exists, we cannot see it. Accordingly, we have no option but to express that it exists conceptually only. It is because we cannot know with the five sensory organs that human beings have, even though the space of imaginary numbers (hidden space) exists.

As the same logic like the existence of the imaginary numbers (i) in the numbers, such a time of the imaginary numbers (stopped time) and the space of imaginary numbers (hidden space) exist.

Only when we understand the stopped time and the hidden space, we can understand the birth and law of the universe and reveal its secret.

Someday in the future, a man of wisdom with bright eyes will appear and prove it.

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