Edifier Luna 5 Encore iF500 – Hands-On Review
Edifier Luna 5 Encore iF500 – Hands-On Review
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At $300 the Edifier Luna 5 Encore iF500 comes at a premium price for an iPod dock, but its performance may justify its price. Its design on the other hand will likely be hit or miss based on your personal tastes. In the end we think the Edifier Luna 5 Encore iF500 handily outperforms most of the competition in its price bracket. For more information, read Digital Trends' <a href="http://www.digitaltrends.com/product-reviews/mp3-player-reviews/ipod-dock-reviews/edifier-luna-5-encore-if500-review/">Edifier Luna 5 Encore iF500 Review</a>.

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