Swedish Online 3.0 Version Marketplace Attracts New Investors
Swedish Online 3.0 Version Marketplace Attracts New Investors
  • By Timothy Daniel (info@koreaittimes.com)
  • 승인 2018.01.03 00:34
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[Stockholm, Sweden] The Swedish online marketplace Webgallerian is being re-launched today. Webgallerian is an online shopping mall that brings together hundreds of online stores in Sweden under one single roof. The objective is to become the largest online marketplace in the Nordics – a place where customers can find new exciting online stores and enjoy a superior ‘social’ shopping experience.

Webgallerian in its new version 3.0 brings together some of Sweden's most exciting online stores under one single roof, with visible storefronts and their own brands in an online shopping mall. Webgallerian offers clear benefits for the end consumers: they find new online stores that they previously did not know of, get a better shopping experience, can benefit from loyalty programs with special offers, and can use a single checkout point for purchases.

“Our objective is to become the biggest online marketplace in the Nordic region”, said Ingemar Gleissman, Founder and CEO. “We will start in Sweden and hope to expand geographically quite rapidly. Our platform is easy to use and easily scalable for new markets. We want to be the Amazon or Alibaba in the Nordics and our concept – focus on smaller and medium sized online stores – is quite unique.”

Among several attractive features, "My Gallery" enables customers to create their own personalized shopping mall with a selection of their favourite online stores in the mall. When something happens in a customer-selected store, Webgallerian sends a newsletter directly to the customer about this. This way, loyal customers are always kept up to date with news, discounts and promotions from their selected favourite stores.

A shopping experience beyond the usual

The web mall promotes social shopping to give customers a richer shopping experience.
"With social shopping, our customers can share what they have purchased, create their own list of favourite products, create their own shopping mall and read reviews of products they are interested in," continued Ingemar Gleissman.

Compared with other online marketplaces, Webgallerian is a unique concept in which online stores are visualized with their own storefront, allowing them to market their own brands.

Helps the smaller online stores to reach out

For the participating online stores, usually the smaller players, Webgallerian becomes an attractive and often necessary channel to reach its customers and an important partner in marketing, sales and logistics.

"The stores in Webgallerian receive an attractive marketing and sales channel, as well as assistance with payments and logistics," said founder and CEO Ingemar Gleissman, an industry veteran with many years of e-commerce experience.

Webgallerian has already signed up 140 of Sweden's most exciting online stores that can offer more than 425,000 products combined - and more online stores join each day.

“Small and medium-sized online stores continue to contact us daily to join Sweden's largest online marketplace. We want to assist the most exciting small online stores with an attractive offer to join in something that can be real, really big”, Ingemar Gleissman concluded.

In connection with the re-launch of the Webgallerian market place, the company conducts a rights issue of up to 10 million SEK aimed at Swedish investors.

“Online market places like Amazon, Alibaba and JD.com have become very successful globally, and very sought after amongst investors.” said Mr. Gleissman. “In the Nordics, there are still only a very limited number of true online market places, and we hope to rapidly gain the leading position in the region with our advanced and attractive e-commerce platform.”


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