Neo Smartpen's Accompanying App, Neo Notes Is Available for Windows
Neo Smartpen's Accompanying App, Neo Notes Is Available for Windows
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NeoLAB Convergence, developer of the award-winning Neo smartpen N2, announced the release of the highly anticipated app and features, Neo Notes Windows and online calendar sync, to give more opportunities for users to use Neo smartpen at its best.

According to PR Newswire on January 5, Neo Notes Windows, a companion app of Neo smartpen, enables users to seamlessly digitize handwritten notes, words or drawings on a PC in real-time. Specifically designed for Windows 10, it has exclusive features in addition to the key features of Neo Notes mobile app. The new functionalities include the ability to present handwritten notes in a full screen, connect up to 7 smartpens with one PC to present ideas in real-time, copy and paste notes to email, social media channels, or other programs, such as, MS office and Evernote and export the note-taking process with synced audio as a video.

In the latest app updates, the ability to digitize a schedule written on N planner and sync directly to an online calendar has been added. N planner looks and feels like any ordinary paper planner that contains weekly and monthly views for every month in 2018, but owing to NeoLAB Convergence's patented Ncode technology, it will keep users schedule organized at all times. Write as you would with Neo smartpen on N planner and find handwritten events appear on Google calendar, iCal or Outlook calendar.

"We recognize that a seamless transition from analog to digital is paramount to users. These new services are significant milestones toward reaching this goal. We are continuing to innovate to help people truly express themselves in today's digital world," said Dr. Eddie Lee, co-founder and CTO at NeoLAB Convergence.

Neo smartpen N2 is a digital pen that seamlessly digitizes written ideas to the accompanying app, Neo Notes, whenever inspiration strikes, thoughts can be easily captured, organized and shared with others.

N planner 2018 is currently available for purchase on Neo smartpen online store. Neo Notes is now available to download for free from Microsoft store for PC, App store for iOS, and Google Play for Android. Update Neo Notes to v2.3.2 (iOS) or higher and v1.36.148 (Android) or higher to enjoy the paper to online calendar sync feature.

KEY APP FEATURES (Neo Notes for Windows):

  • Full screen - display pages in full screen view
  • Copy & Paste - copy handwritten notes as an image or text and paste them onto other programs, such as, MS office, Evernote and email etc.; convert notes into digital text in 15 languages
  • Ideation - connect up to 7 Neo smartpens to one PC at the same time; view what each person is writing in almost real-time
  • Backup & restore - backup notes to Google Drive from PC and download them to mobile devices to continue writing
  • Export video - save writings or drawings as a video format; choose to export video with or without synced audio

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