Merck Builds Strong Materials to Drive Next Generation Chip Technologies
Merck Builds Strong Materials to Drive Next Generation Chip Technologies
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(From left) Rico Wiedenbruch, Glenn Young, Anand Nambiar
(From left) Rico Wiedenbruch, Glenn Young, Anand Nambiar

Merck will be showcasing its portfolio of materials for advanced semiconductor manufacturing at Semicon Korea 2018. Mega-trends represented by big data, automotive electronics, IoT, Artificial Intelligence and an increased interest in green assembly, is expanding the need for advanced semiconductor processing and novel materials. With an innovative portfolio, Merck aims to enable the process of miniaturization supporting the continuance of Moore’s law.


“With history of 350 years and a strong track record in delivering high quality and innovative materials, Merck understands material applications. We have accumulated a wide expertise from front to back end of line and our local and global R&D network works together to help our customers identify the sweet spot where cost, technology and business needs are met”, explains Rico Wiedenbruch, the Head of Semiconductor Solution Business Unit from Merck.


"Given Korea’s strong position in the global semiconductor industry, Merck's latest technologies and advanced solutions will strategically contribute to the growth of automobile and IoT industries and their derivative applications such as smart city, smart home, robot, mobile healthcare and wearable devices.," said Glenn Young, Managing Director of Merck Korea.


Materials to Enable Further Scaling

The industry faces numerous scaling-related challenges, and Merck provides a wide variety of novel products to tackle these emerging demands. The company’s advanced precursors for atomic-layer deposition provide very thin, highly controlled conformal films. Merck’s Spinfil® spin-on dielectric material is designed to create narrow, insulating layers within transistors. The Advanced Lithography materials - KrF thick-film resists re applied as hard masks and enable production of 3D NAND staircases; metal hard mask (MHM) offer superior properties supporting planarization, gap filling, etch selectivity and strip.

The materials play an important role in the processing of future semiconductor nodes, as well as DRAM and NAND flash chips.


Enabling Materials for “Beyond Technology” with DSA material and EUV lithography

As the industry moves Beyond Moore’s Law, the miniaturization process increases production costs to a point that it becomes inefficient. Directed Self-Assembly (DSA) extends the ability to shrink circuits and produce high yield manufacturability. DSA involves several different materials, including block copolymers (BCP), which consist of two end-to-end interlinked strands of different polymers. The block copolymers can arrange themselves into uniform shapes along the conductive structure under certain conditions. They form the foundation for the extremely fine transistors and printed conductors of future computer chips. Merck leads the industry in DSA technology.


EUV (Extreme Ultraviolet) lithography is another enabling technology to further push the boundaries of nanomanufacturing. Merck is the leading provider of FIRM® rinse materials for improving photoresist pattern collapse for ArF and KrF lithography processes and enabling EUV technology for future device manufacturing.


Materials to Enable Smart Packaging

As smart phones, automotive electronics, IoT and USB are demanding higher density circuits in smaller form factors, advanced packaging becomes vital to realize miniaturization in the back end, and solve system-level challenges. Merck offers key materials for lithography with its innovative liquid-type photoresist from >30μm to >200μm thicknesses that achieve very steep patterned walls. In combination with other lithography materials, such as top antireflective coatings and rinses, the narrowest and most conformal feature lines for advanced packaging can be achieved.


Merck will showcase its complete semiconductor product line during Semicon Korea 2018 at their booth No. D706, Hall D on 3rd Fl., Coex, Seoul.

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