Cyient Wins Two Prestigious Pratt & Whitney 2017 Awards for Supplier Innovation and Productivity Savings
Cyient Wins Two Prestigious Pratt & Whitney 2017 Awards for Supplier Innovation and Productivity Savings
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EAST HARTFORD, Conn., Feb. 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/KOREA IT TIMES -- Cyient, a global provider of engineering, manufacturing, geospatial, network, and operations management services to global industry leaders, has won two prestigious awards from Pratt & Whitney for 2017: the 'Productivity Savings and Cost Avoidance Award' and the 'Supplier Productivity Innovation Award.' The announcement was made at Pratt & Whitney's Annual Supplier Conference held at the Pratt & Whitney Museum in East Hartford, CT, USA. This is the fifth year in a row that Cyient has won the Supplier Productivity Innovation Award, a testimony of the company's focus on nurturing an innovation-driven culture and developing disruptive, cutting-edge solutions.


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"Cyient continuously demonstrates its capabilities in co-creating innovative technology solutions and intellectual property that results in improved agility, quality, and productivity. It is our pleasure to recognize them with the productivity and innovation award for this year as well," said Chris Kmetz, Vice President, Engineering, Module Centers at Pratt & Whitney.

Commenting on the awards, Krishna Bodanapu, Managing Director & CEO at Cyient, said, "It is an honor to be recognized consistently by Pratt & Whitney for the work that we do with them. We believe in continuously raising the bar and delivering unprecedented outcomes to our clients. These awards acknowledge Cyient's commitment to creating value through innovation and delivering greater efficiencies for Pratt & Whitney."

"As a result of our continued focus on innovation, Cyient has delivered record productivity savings in 2017. In addition, we have launched several new technology initiatives, including augmented reality/virtual reality, robotic process automation, and additive manufacturing. This differentiated Cyient among our global competitors and helped us in winning these two prestigious awards," said Rajendra Kumar Patro, Vice President of Aerospace & Defense Delivery at Cyient.

In nearly two decades of engineering design and research collaboration with Pratt & Whitney, Cyient has developed extensive design engineering capabilities in aero engines, with engagements growing from basic to system-level engineering and co-creation of intellectual property. Cyient continues to support Pratt & Whitney with design engineering, systems engineering and validation, and other advanced data analytics solutions throughout the engine product lifecycle.

About Cyient:

Cyient (Estd: 1991, NSE: CYIENT) provides engineering, manufacturing, geospatial, networks, and operations management services to global industry leaders. Cyient leverages the power of digital technology and advanced analytics capabilities, along with domain knowledge and technical expertise, to solve complex business problems. As a Design, Build and Maintain partner, Cyient takes solution ownership across the value chain to help clients focus on their core, innovate, and stay ahead of the curve.

Relationships form the core of how Cyient works. With over 14,000 employees in 21 countries, Cyient partners with clients to operate as part of their extended team, in ways that best suit their organization's culture and requirements. Cyient's industry focus includes aerospace and defense, medical, telecommunications, rail transportation, semiconductor, utilities, industrial, energy and natural resources.

For more information, please visit For media inquiries, please write to

Follow news about the company at @Cyient.

About Pratt & Whitney:

Pratt & Whitney is a world leader in the design, manufacture, and service of aircraft engines and auxiliary power units. United Technologies Corp., based in Farmington, Connecticut, provides high-technology

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