First Hong Kong Singer to be Included in Cytus II
First Hong Kong Singer to be Included in Cytus II
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Sing Sing Rabbit cooperates with Rayark Games in 2018

HONG KONG, Feb. 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/KOREA IT TIMES -- Sing Sing Rabbit, a Hong Kong-based cartoon singer and cross-media creative brand, posted her compilation song "One Song Ten Sings" with her mysterious image wearing a big rabbit head on the internet in 2011. Her healing voice and creative ideas have gained popularity online and were widely reported by Hong Kong and Taiwan media such as Ctitv and Apple Daily News.

Sing Sing Rabbit's successfully gain cooperation with world's no. 1 mobile music game "Cytus II" & first tier malls "Shanghai Times Square"
Sing Sing Rabbit's successfully gain cooperation with world's no. 1 mobile music game "Cytus II" & first tier malls "Shanghai Times Square"




While 2018 has just started, Sing Sing Rabbit's new song "Green Hope" officially debuted on January 18th via Cytus II and was included in one of the five most popular idol artists, Paff. Sing Sing Rabbit has partnered with her Japan production team to create J-Rock style. She also composed the lyrics. As Sing Sing Rabbit's song would only be available after players reached level 22, players need to work hard in order to unlock the song and fans are looking forward to it.

Focus on the development of licensing and music programs of the mainland China and Japan markets

Managing Director Mr. Andy Tang said that in 2018, the market in mainland China and Japan will be concentrated: "Sing Sing Rabbit has published her music in mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan. Whether it is the Japanese mobile game giant Donuts, Cytus II or Shanghai Times Square, many platforms have utilized Sing Sing Rabbit's songs, which has laid a good foundation in the music industry. A few Japanese record labels are interested in publishing Sing Sing Rabbit's new song and her team is looking forward to more mass exposure in the Japanese market.

Three core businesses - Music, cartoon images & novels

Compared to the cartoon character Hello Kitty, which earned an annual license fee of $4.4 billion announced in licensing ranking charts in 2016, Sing Sing Rabbit said as a new brand image, though last year's cartoon image licensing items including investors' promotion fees, only amounted to about 10 million yuan, she believed in the near future Sing Sing Rabbit will create greater business potential and astronomical revenue if they could grasp all aspects such as online and offline promotion, image, music and film launches.

* Japan mobile game app "Unmanned .war 2099"

*Cytus II - Green Hope


We Dream Big & We Know Where The Treasure Is

IP Sing Sing Rabbit, a subsidiary of Underthepillow Ltd, has been cooperating with a number of famous or listed companies and their subsidiaries in just 2-3 years. Among these companies are: Shanghai Times Square, a subsidiary of Wharf Group, Henderson Land Development Co., Ltd., CEC International's 759, Sasa International Holdings Ltd, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, Swire Properties' UA Cinema Line, HoriPro, Donuts, Rayark games, etc. Its business scope includes music, production, product, story, licensing and entertainment, etc. It is rare for Hong Kong singers to open up such a wide development with their unique cartoon images and ideas in such a short period of time. The brand image has been spread across Hong Kong, mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, Macao and Malaysia.

UNDERTHEPILLOW is opening up its business to investors and negotiating financing solutions for expanding its business, paving the way for its diversified business opportunities and future development of film or more major strategies.

UNDERTHEPILLOW official website:

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