Asteroid Day 2018 Kick Off on 15 February
Asteroid Day 2018 Kick Off on 15 February
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Asteroid Day 2018 will kick off on 15 February with a high-level Google Hangout hosted on the Asteroid Day website. Host Scott Manley, Astronogamer and asteroid expert, will be joined by Dr. Ed Lu, Director of the B612 Asteroid Institute; Planetary Scientist and Astronaut Dr. Tom Jones; Physicist Dr. Mark Boslough; Debbie Lewis, a specialist in risk, crisis and disaster management; Ian Carnelli, an asteroid mission expert at the European Space Agency (ESA); Ruediger Jehn, from ESA’s near-Earth object survey team, and Asteroid Day co-founder Danica Remy.

ESA specialists join international experts (Credit: ESA)
ESA specialists join international experts (Credit: ESA)


The expert panel will provide updates on asteroid-related research, public policy and detection and deflection missions, as well as additional information on Asteroid Day 2018 programs and participants.


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