Independent Research Firm Recognizes Rsam as a ‘Leader’ in Governance, Risk & Compliance
Independent Research Firm Recognizes Rsam as a ‘Leader’ in Governance, Risk & Compliance
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SECAUCUS, N.J., Feb. 16, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE/KOREA IT TIMES) -- Rsam, a leading provider of GRC solutions, today announced that the company has been recognized by Forrester Research Inc. as a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Governance, Risk, and Compliance Platforms, Q1 2018. Forrester notes Rsam for being “extraordinarily good at collecting data and putting it to actionable use.”

Rsam received the highest possible score for the “Integration capabilities” and “Implementation and maintenance costs” criteria. Forrester also gave Rsam the highest possible score in the “Organizational context” criterion, which evaluates the product’s capabilities to reflect the complexities of the organization.

The Forrester Wave™ is one of the industry’s most complete and detailed analyses, researched from hands-on lab evaluations, vendor surveys, product demos, and customer reference calls and surveys.

According to the research, “Risk and compliance management is more important than ever… We’ve seen mistakes and risk events across every industry; many of these could have been identified and managed through more formal assessment processes, better compliance training and accountability, and better use of risk data at strategic levels of the organization.”

Regarding Rsam, Forrester reports, “If you’re looking for a platform that can collect a wide variety of data from other systems to help manage risk, Rsam continues to be a good choice.”

“We are extremely pleased to have been recognized by Forrester as a Leader for our GRC platform. We are not only proud about our position from a technology standpoint, we are excited about our proven Customer Success program that is well aligned with industry needs.” said Vivek Shivananda, CEO of Rsam.

“Customer expectations for leading GRC companies go far beyond meeting their technology requirements.” Shivananda continued, “They want to partner with a company that not only has a superior platform, but with someone who is jointly vested in their success by demonstrating quick value, improving user adoption, and assisting them with their long-term roadmap aligned with their business goals.”

Download the complete report.

About Rsam

Rsam is the fastest time-to-value integrated risk management platform provider. Our enterprise software platform uses a relational architecture and captures data in a single, centralized repository. Unlike other systems, we don’t hard wire dependencies based on requirements that may be outdated before implementation even begins. Instead, the Rsam platform is built to adapt and put the user in control. Gone are the days of endlessly retrofitting a solution or failing to get it off the ground. With Rsam, you can have a baseline up and running in 30 days and iterate from there. Learn more at

Rsam Media Contact:
Gary Napotnik
201-875-3456 x 218

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