Health Data Vision, Inc. Reveals Industry-First MRCS Exchange
Health Data Vision, Inc. Reveals Industry-First MRCS Exchange
  • Kim Min-jee Reporter
  • 승인 2018.03.07 12:49
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GLENDALE, Calif., March 06, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Leading the charge to disrupt the multi-billion dollar medical record retrieval and review industry, Health Data Vision, Inc. (HDVI) today revealed its vision for a revolutionary new service, MRCS Exchange. This marketplace is an industry first and will drive innovative partnerships with cooperative organizations to serve government healthcare programs.

MRCS Exchange will allow HDVI customers to easily add new capabilities that improve the success of their Quality/HEDIS and Risk Adjustment efforts. Comparable to an app store for health plan solutions, the Exchange is where leading cooperative organizations can offer their applications and services as data sharing integrations for MRCS Platform. HDVI will thoroughly vet each partner to ensure that they meet the strict data requirements that are needed for HIPAA compliance.

"MRCS Exchange offers health plans a robust collaboration of best-of-breed solutions without the need for additional IT and R&D resources," said Jay Ackerman, CEO of HDVI. "We recognize that we cannot meet all potential needs in the marketplace and have chosen to partner with leading technology companies to innovate around our platform and provide a rich and powerful ecosystem."

MRCS Exchange Launch Partners

HDVI looks forward to introducing more partners to MRCS Exchange throughout 2018. Our launch partners include:

Lumiata powers AI-driven predictive analytics to deliver intelligent chase (chart) lists that include more accurate and complete HCC suspects, and efficiently verify those suspects. "We add value and will drive more successful Risk Adjustment engagements by working with HDVI," said Ash Damle, Founder & CEO of Lumiata. "With each new chase, Lumiata's predictive AI learns and ensures we identify more complete and accurate HCC suspects, as well as the related providers for each successive engagement."

Health Data Decisions is integrating predictive modeling and data optimization expertise into customers' Quality/HEDIS® projects. HDD is committed to improving processes and outcomes for quality programs and regulatory reporting. "We are pleased to formalize a partnership with HDVI after working with them on many successful projects," said Michael Blumental, CEO of HDD. "Our algorithms and models will help predict the chart chases that will have the best chance of retrieval success, while also identifying the probability of generating a compliant hit for a given member-measure combination.”

If you are interested in becoming an MRCS Exchange partner, please contact Kevin Owens, VP of Product at HDVI.

About Health Data Vision, Inc.

Health Data Vision, Inc. provides government health plans with a licensable enterprise-grade, SaaS platform for Risk Adjustment, Quality Improvement, and Audit initiatives. Customers and partners can manage projects with either full-service or in-house resources, or using a collaborative model. Learn more at or call (866) 969-3222.

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