Nuctech Participates at the 1st Global Cross-Border E-Commerce Conference
Nuctech Participates at the 1st Global Cross-Border E-Commerce Conference
  • Kim Min-jee Reporter
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BEIJING, March 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- From February 9-10, Nuctech Company Limited was invited to participate in the 1st Global Cross-Border E-Commerce Conference co-hosted by China Customs and the World Customs Organization (WCO). Customs representatives from over 25 countries and regions and close to 2,000 representatives from e-commerce enterprises, international organizations, and academic community attended the conference and discussed topics dealing with the conveniences and problems brought by cross-border e-commerce.

On the afternoon of February 9, Nuctech's Chief Engineer Li Zhang conducted an extensive discussion with representatives at the sub-forum on the regulatory challenges brought by cross-border e-commerce. During the session, Zhang introduced Nuctech's advanced CT inspection systems as well as its strong inspection ability, and comprehensively expounded the "big-data ecosystem of intelligent image interpreting" solution based on CT technology. The solution combines image comparison, automatic sorting and a risk control function into one system, bringing risk-based, intelligent-driven cross-border statistics surveillance to life.

On the morning of February 10, Nuctech's Senior Vice President Yuanjing Li delivered a guest keynote speech entitled "Establish a Safe, Convenient, and Efficient Solution on Cross-Border E-Commerce" during the main forum. The speech included a discussion on global customs' new regulatory challenges accompanied by the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce as well as a detailed introduction on Nuctech's new cross-border e-commerce solution newly launched by Nuctech and its industrial partners . With an aim to comprehensively collect and efficiently process the mass information that will be encountered in cross-border e-commerce, the solution incorporates big-data, internet-of-things, clouds, AI, and other technologies, and synthesizes single window, clearance, statistics, big-data analysis platforms to give substantial support to the intelligent regulation of the customs.

During the conference, Nuctech introduced its custom-lock, CT parcel inspection system, and other inspection systems to the attendees and promoted the company's solution to cross-border e-commerce. Dr. Fang Liu, Secretary General of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), visited Nuctech's booth during the event to learn about the company's business in the security industry. She encouraged Nuctech to continue its way of innovation, so as to showcase Chinese high-tech to the world. In addition, customs leaders, international organizations and industrial representatives from Russia, Portugal, Indonesia and other countries also went to Nuctech's booth for more details on the company's cross-border e-commerce solution.

About Nuctech

Nuctech is an advanced security & inspection solution and service supplier in the world, providing advanced technology, superb products and integrated solutions for its customers from more than 150 countries and regions around the world. Following the latest international technical development frontier, Nuctech integrates cloud computing and big data into its security products and solutions that are backed by information technology and the internet.

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