Samsung Launches 2018 QLED TV lineup at First Look Event in New York
Samsung Launches 2018 QLED TV lineup at First Look Event in New York
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President Han is on stage with Mark Thompson President and Chief Executive Officer of the New York Times company.
President Han is on stage with Mark Thompson President and Chief Executive Officer of the New York Times company.

USA on March 08, 2018 - Samsung Electronics today launched its flagship line of 2018 QLED TVs and AV products at the 2018 First Look New York event at the American Stock Exchange building in Manhattan. The company unveiled its next generation of QLED TVs to about 1,000 attendees, and demonstrated new, improved features that enhance the TV-viewing experience like never before.

During the keynote presentation, Samsung Electronics President of Visual Display Jong-hee Han and other Samsung executives explained how the 2018 flagship TV line offers an unmatched home entertainment experience, meant to remove barriers to setting up and displaying the TV and streamlining access to content in a way that enables consumers to spend more time doing the things they love.

“With our 2018 TV lineup, we are changing the definition of visual display to Intelligent Displays,” said President Jonghee Han. “Designed for total immersion and to enhance the daily lives of consumers everywhere, all while being incredibly easy to use, the new QLED TV lineup provides users with the best viewing experience.”

President Han was joined on stage by executive partners from The New York Times, who discussed some of the new consumer benefits of the 2018 QLED TV lineup. In announcing a new partnership with Samsung, Mark Thompson, President and Chief Executive Officer of The New York Times Company, said, “QLED TV’s Ambient Mode is an exciting new way for viewers to experience The Times’s unrivaled, deeply reported and visual journalism.”

The First Look New York event featured an exhibition for guests to experience the 2018 product line and its features hands-on through a series of zones and displays. The exhibition included:

  • The large-screen zone, which showcased the stunning picture quality of Samsung’s new line-up with enhanced color and contrast for a variety of situations, such as gaming and watching movies or sports. Samsung also displayed its acclaimed 146” The Wall, Micro LED technology-based modular screen, to be commercialized for home use.
  • The movie zone featured Samsung’s multi-dimensional N950 soundbar with Dolby Atmos®, slated to become available later this year. The soundbar demonstrates how vibrant, powerful surround sound can enhance the home entertainment experience.
  • The Ambient Mode zone showcased how the QLED TV redefines what it means to be “off” with new technology that transforms the TV into a beautifully functional screen which provides a multitude of information including news, weather and traffic, and which can also play music or completely blend into the wall behind it.
  • The new 5-meter (included with QLED TV purchase) and 15-meter (available as an option) One Invisible Connection, with power cord and data cables merged into one durable cord – an industry first – enabling users to place the TV where they want, how they want, without a tangled mess of cords.
  • Samsung’s 2018 Smart TV set-up is simple and can be done on the consumer’s most used device – their mobile phone, via the SmartThings app. Demonstrations also illustrated how consumers can use their voices to control their entertainment and viewing with the introduction of Bixby on Samsung’s TVs.

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