Sword Group:2017: Confirmation of the financial results as announced on January 25th 2018. Organic Growth at constant perimeter and constant exchange rates: + 13%
Sword Group:2017: Confirmation of the financial results as announced on January 25th 2018. Organic Growth at constant perimeter and constant exchange rates: + 13%
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2017: Confirmation of the financial results as announced on January 25th 2018

Organic Growth at constant perimeter and constant exchange rates: + 13%

EBITDA Margin: 16%

Dividends proposed to the General Meeting of 27 April 2018: €1.2

Windhof - March 7th 2018,

€M Year (2) Consolidated Growth (2) Organic Growth
(1) (2)
  2017 2016
Revenue 173.5 160.2 + 8.3% + 13.0%
EBITDA 27.8 24.9 + 11.6% +16.5%
EBITDA Margin 16.0% 15.5% - -

(1) On a like-for-like basis and at constant exhange rates - (2) Percentages calculated from figures in €K.



Organic growth in 2017 on a like-for-like basis and at constant exchange rates amounts to +13%.

In sector terms, growth in each division achieved:

- Software: + 6.9%

- Services: + 15.5%

The organic growth budgeted for 2017 amounted to 10%+. The annual outperformance hence amounts to 3 points.


In the last quarter, the Group acquired two Services entities in the U.K. with pro forma revenue of €6.8M.

Revenue from these entities, acquired at the end of the year, is not included in the calculation of organic growth.

Both companies were consolidated on October 1st and contribute €0.4M to the consolidated EBITDA.


The Group continues its growth with the acquisition of a Swiss Services company on February 16th, named IDO.

The future contribution of this company for the revenue 2018 is budgeted at €2.8 M.


The Group forecasts 12% organic growth for 2018, on a like-for-like basis and at constant exchange rates.

[Methodological note]

Regarding the definition of the alternative performance indicators published above, their justification and the calculation methods for the latter, please refer to the relevant methodological note (section 1.9 of the Management Report, pages 4 and 5) as published in the half-year report at 30 June 2017. To access the half-year report please click HERE.

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With Sword you have the guarantee of strong close and qualified local commitment, the aim of which is to optimise your processes and data.

Above all, our ambition is to build sustainably and foster the loyalty of our staff, our clients and our partners by building on our values and our enthusiasm to accompany you throughout your projects.

The Group's performance enables us to invest in the R&D projects that contribute to our positioning and our differenciation on niche markets.

Thanks to its recognised competences in over 20 countries, Sword benefits from the trust of prestigious references such as: Admiral, Barclays Bank, BMW, the European Union, the National Patent and Trademark Offices, Lombard, Orange, the United Nations Organisation, etc.

Consulting and IT Services: Sword commits for the most part to fixed price contracts and operates with a network of competence centres (business units) in different specialised fields: Geographic Information Systems, ECM/EDM, corporate search engines, digital marketing, CRM, portals and corporate social networks, Data and Business Intelligence, Web and Mobile development, infrastructure and cloud, cyber security, performance and applications optimisation, desktop publishing and intellectual property.

Software: Sword develops on demand product lines in the Risk and Compliance sectors (Sword Active Risk and Sword Achiever), Intellectual Property (Sword Intellect), Health (Sword Orizon), Desktop Publishing (Sword Kami), Predictive Analysis (Sword Insight) and Asset Finance (Sword Apak).

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