Psychic VR Lab, Realized the World’s First Fashion M-commerce with ‘Chloma’
Psychic VR Lab, Realized the World’s First Fashion M-commerce with ‘Chloma’
  • Dan Yoo reporter
  • 승인 2018.03.13 02:06
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Enfolded in MR space of brands, Shopping experience

Psychic VR Lab which offers the VR creative platform ’STYLY’ and fashion label ’chloma’ (designer: Suzuki), is going to publish the concept application of the world’s first M-commerce service ‘chloma x STYLY HMD collection’ which makes it possible to view and purchase clothes overlapped on top of the real world using the Hololens. 

The representative, Yamaguchi said, "by simply wearing the Hololens, we can immerse ourselves into the brand's philosophy while watching the full-size 3D models projected in real space from all angles, not only does it allow us to enjoy shopping, it also offers a one-step payment service."  The head office of Psychic VR Lab is located in Tokyo, Shinjuku. 

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