CEO of Hyundai Heavy Industries Kang Hwan-Goo gives another resolution message on New Year’s Day…Four workers already dead this year
CEO of Hyundai Heavy Industries Kang Hwan-Goo gives another resolution message on New Year’s Day…Four workers already dead this year
  • Kim Min-jee Reporter
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According to the Korea Energy Economic News, another death was confirmed at Hyundai Heavy Industries on July 1st. 

According to Hyundai Heavy Industries Metal Workers’ Union (labor union) on Friday, a subcontractor employee (aged 57) died of a brain hemorrhage while working at Hyundai Heavy Industries’ Ulsan shipyard on June 6th.  The labor union workers quickly moved the patient to the emergency room of Ulsan National University.The victim, Mr. Hong, collapsed due to a brain hemorrhage in Sellafield, south of the Nasser Sea, SP. He was reported to have fallen abruptly in the process of setting and tightening a pipe, measuring up to 6 meters long and weighing up to 25-kilogram, to a clamp. 

Hyundai Heavy Industries had four accidents this year, including this accident. 

Hyundai Heavy Industries has already suffered three fatal accidents. Earlier this month, an employee at the 16th Seaside Corps died at the edge of the deck ona ship in the process of untangling the ship, and two more workers died at the production site at the end of January this year. 

On January 25th, a worker died of a severe burn on his body while working with a gas cutting machine at his Ulsan workplace. The preceding day, a subcontractor worker died due to an acute myocardial infarction at the same workplace. Last year, Hyundai Heavy Industries registered one death accident for workers. 

A labor union official said, “Although the number of accidents caused by industrial accidents has decreased, the reality is that middle-to-large accidents still occur.” He also emphasized, “Each incident is different, but there is a need to take measures to prevent more accidents in the future.”

In his New Year’s resolution message this year, President Kang Hwan-Goo promised to build an “Integrated Safety Education Center,” declaring “A year without major accidents.”

Two months after this declaration, Hyundai Heavy Industries had some major and minor industrial accidents, but even with those accidents, the company has not started on the establishment of the Integrated Safety Education Center. Planshave been set up but construction has not yet begun. 

On the other hand, Samsung Heavy Industries announced its Safety Master Plan in August after an incident where a crane collapsed at theirGeoje Shipyard in May of the same year, killing six people and injuring 25 others. While announcing their intention to pay special attention to preventing safety accidents, Samsung Heavy Industries also established the Safety Management Committee three months after the accident, and elected Peter Hayward (57), a global safety management specialist, as their head of their Safety Management Division.

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