LG U+ and Nokia to develop high performance and high efficiency 5G equipment technologies
LG U+ and Nokia to develop high performance and high efficiency 5G equipment technologies
  • Lee Jun-sung
  • 승인 2018.04.05 11:15
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LG U+ (Vice president Kwon Young-soo) has plans to jointly develop Korean 5G network technology equipment using the ‘ReefShark’ chipset, which will greatly improve the performance of Nokia and 5G networks, while significantly reducing size, cost and power consumption. 

 The ReefShark chipsets, which have a silicon based design, are integrated chipsets based on the Nokia 5G Future X Architecture, including the system chipset of the DU (Digital Unit), a 5G wireless base station supporting 3GPP international standard, and the RFIC chipset of the Active Antenna Unit (AAU).

If applied to a 5G base station, the company will be able to increase the number of AAUs connected to the DU, while keeping the size of the DU as is, thereby improving the data processing performance by up to 10 times. 

The AAU finds the location of the smartphone near the base station and relays frequency signals to its base station and smartphones. 

In addition, once the RFIC chipset is applied to the AAU, it will reduce the size and weight of the Multiple-Input and Multiple-Output (MIMO) to more than 40kg, which will make it easier to install the equipment and will also reduce power consumption by as much as 64 percent, improving energy efficiency. 

Moreover, when AI is grafted, beaming technology that enables machine learning enables direct search of mobile devices in the network, expansion of cell coverage, and optimization of large data processing capacity according to customer needs. 

Earlier, the two companies agreed to develop 5G equipment based on last year’s 3GPP standards. First, the two companies will focus on the development of high-performance and high-efficiency 5G equipment that can effectively control the interference between adjacent cells, and define the core requirements of the 5G network such as radio beam width, number of antennas, size and weight of the equipment. 

LG U+ will build the optimal 5G network based on the base station equipment technology applied to the Reefshark chipset and commercialization schedule of 5G next year.

 “Reefshark chipset is one of the core technologies of the 5G Future X Architecture,” said Andrew Cope, CEO of Nokia Korea. “It meets the common goal of increasing operational efficiency while meeting the highest performance requirements of 5G networks. We can provide the optimal 5G solution to all of our customers.”

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