iphone’s “Touchless gesture” technology under development
iphone’s “Touchless gesture” technology under development
  • Lee Jun-sung
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Apple revealed on April 4th that it is developing an iPhone that can be operated without the need for  hands to actually touch the screen.

Bloomberg reported that Apple is pushing to apply this non-contact technology to the new iPhone, quoting multiple sources.

With this technology, the user can manipulate his/her iPhone by simply bringing his/her fingers close to the screen. It is expected to be available to consumers in at least two years. 

Apple is also developing a curved screen. One source said, “Unlike Samsung’s smartphone screen, the new iPhone screen curves inwards from top to bottom.”

So far, all iPhone models have used a flat display; the iPhone X screen curves slightly at the bottom, but it this is barely noticeable to the human eye. 

Apple’s move to develop these new technologies is to accelerate the iPhone’s innovation in the smartphone market as competition heats up. In particular, smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung, Google, and Huawei are introducing features such as full screen, camera enhancement, and facial recognition, which have triggered the iPhone’s differentiation strategy. 

However, Bloomberg reported that the two technologies are still in their early stages of R&D and that Apple could possibly halt the drive. 

Apple made no further comments on these developments. 

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