SK Telecom AI Research Center Introduces ‘AI Future Prize’
SK Telecom AI Research Center Introduces ‘AI Future Prize’
  • Lee Jun-sung
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Yoon Kim, head of the AI Research center at SK Telecom

Yoon Kim, head of the AI Research center at SK Telecom, introduced SK Telecom’s ‘AI Future Prize’ at the New ICT Forum on April 4th. 

Before being appointed as the head of SK Telecom’s first AI research center, Kim was head of the Apple Speech Recognition development team and was amachine learning specialist for the development of Siri at HomePod. 

As a global AI expert, Kim describes the major global AI trends and explains the four AIinitiatives (人工知能)that SK Telecom intends to pursue. 

First of all, the “in” (人, human) connotes the need for a human-centered approach so that “people and machines evolve together.” In order to become a world-class AI leader, it is essential, he says, to secure the best talent in the world to implement it. 

“Gong” (工, work) indicates that basic technology is approaching users’ real lives. “AI needs a large amount of hardware and software technology to be developed, so rapid and continuous technological advancements are essential.”

“Ji” (知, wisdom) reveals SK Telecom’s efforts to concentrate their AI R&D capabilities more strategically in the future growth areas, taking into consideration the inherent competitiveness of SK Telecom. 

Kim emphasized that “Next-Generation AI should improve performance without learning additional guidance, identify the cause of the error, and eventually preempt the learning techniques to find out what to learn without humans actually teaching it.”

“Neung” (能, ability) denotes the aim to develop smart networks and content optimized for 5G to “reach a point where all things clients see, listen, speak, read, write and fell are realized in the user interface.”

Kim said in regards to AI development that, “in order to transform into a new ICT company, it is important to secure, manage and converge high quality data, and based on this, cooperate with all SK Telecom organizations to give unique intelligence information value to network infrastructures and services.”

Kim added, “Artificial Intelligence is the process of obtaining intuitive and natural interfaces to human beings, while gaining knowledge and insight from complex and unorganized data (raw data).”

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