[Jung Yeon-tae’s Column] The secrets of the Hidden Space(s) and Stopped time(t) unveiled by Imaginary numbers(i)
[Jung Yeon-tae’s Column] The secrets of the Hidden Space(s) and Stopped time(t) unveiled by Imaginary numbers(i)
  • Jung Yeon-tae
  • 승인 2018.04.13 13:03
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Jung Yeon-tae, Chairman of Innovation Forum for Nation
Jung Yeon-tae, Chairman of the 4th Industrial Revolution Policy Forum

Hidden spaces and stopped time are conveniently divided, but they are virtually one. The complex number is denoted by ‘a + bi’; a and b are ‘real numbers’, and in the big picture they stand for ‘cosmic space’ which we understand through our eyes, ears, nose, tongue and consciousness. 

The ‘imaginary number’ i above is not an existing number but a conceptual, theoretical one. That is, it is not a universe made of time and space understood by our consciousness, but a universe that only exists conceptually. 

Imaginary numbers are like a woman’s womb. The womb itself does not represent life, but it sometimes gives birth to life. Like in the womb, the universe of imaginary numbers can be created when the right environment and conditions converge!

A complex number can be defined as a universe that includes the real universe and the Illusionary universe(non-universe). The late Professor Stephen Hawking said there are countless universes present. 

This expression may be wrong.

Because besides the universe we are aware of, the universe is not just another universe that exists, but an imaginary universe that is not yet conceived. Like the complex number a + bi, the universe and the imaginary universe(non-universe) can co-exist. So, what does the concept of the imaginary number (i) mean? 

Mathematically, it means a number multiplied by two digits to result in a negative 1 (-1), i.e. the root of -1. To understand this, we need to first understand a few simple things. 

In everyday life, people use + - ÷ × for calculations, but not many people seem to know their physical meaning. The + symbol means attaching or adding, the - symbol means to take out or subtract, the x symbol means to stack up, and the ÷ symbol means to split or divide. Imaginary numbers are imaginary numbers even when they are added or subtracted, but they can change when they are multiplied or divided. 

If you take a closer look into the world of imaginary numbers, you can unveil the secrets of hidden spaces and stopped time of the universe. The real world and the hidden space can co-exist just like complex numbers. Furthermore, it is not possible to move directly from the real world to a hidden space. 

However, if the real world and the hidden space meet, that is, if the conditions are met, the real world can enter the hidden space. Also, if hidden spaces collide with each other, the hidden space can be transformed into a real world. 

So, what exactly are the worlds of hidden spaces and stopped time? In space, there are countless planets like the solar system to which Earth belongs, and there are also many galaxies, like the galactic system to which the solar system belongs. 

Recently, it has been revealed that there is one black hole for each of the countless galaxies. As a black hole is created and destroyed repeatedly, galaxies are created and sometimes absorbed by other galaxies. 

In other words, the galaxy is owned by a black hole. These black holes are so heavy that they have a gravitational field that is so strong that even light cannot escape; therefore, they cannot be seen directly by human eyes or astronomical telescopes. It is merely assumed that these black holes exist somewhere in outer space. In this sense, black holes can be an example of a hidden space. 

Furthermore, if the story of the Bermuda Triangle, where many ships and airplanes have lost contact and disappeared, is true, this is also an example of a hidden space. We can also find examples of stopped time in the inner world as well. 

In Buddhism, there is an expression that says “immediate determination for immeasurably long ages”. In other words, it means that the angles of life are not cut off, but go on for hundreds of millions of years; however, this world is unknown to those who have not experienced Zen meditation. 

It is necessary to first know what a “single thought” means in order to understand it! It is an example of a world in which the flow of consciousness has stopped -- that is, a world where time has stopped. In a space within the Galaxy, a black hole attracts the real world, or a number of stars, but it is not recognizable by the human eye. 

A black hole can be combined (+) with another black hole to create a larger black hole. However, when a black hole collides with another black hole (x, ÷) a new real world, or a new universe can be created. 

So, what is the physical meaning of the minus (-) symbol? Centered on the number ‘0’, a number in the ‘+’ direction is ‘expansion’, and a number in the ‘-’direction is ‘shrinkage’. The absolute temperature 0 ° K stands for - 273 ° C. It is the average temperature of the universe and its lowest temperature. The opposite of the lowest temperature in the universe has neither been measure nor calculated, but it is likely that an imaginary temperature exists. 

In that sense, the physical meaning of the minus sign on the real number -1 could mean a shrinking universe rather than an expanding one. In other words, the new universe created by colliding black holes will be a shrinking universe, not an expanding universe. There is no other way to come out of the imaginary world (hidden space) to the real world. 

The reason for ships' and planes' disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle is understandable once we understand the world of hidden spaces and stopped time and the nature of the imaginary world.

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