Hyundai Mobis develops ‘Electric Active Roll Stabilization’ for body roll and ride comfort
Hyundai Mobis develops ‘Electric Active Roll Stabilization’ for body roll and ride comfort
  • Lee Jun-sung
  • 승인 2018.04.26 11:36
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Following Hyundai Mobis’ barking and steering, Hyundai Mobis secured its global-level electric technology of its suspension business. It has been 15 years since it started to develop the chassis sector.

By doing so, Hyundai Mobis will not only achieve the optimal performance integrated with each chassis function, but also enhance the control precision to further enhance the safety of the autonomous driving system. 

Hyundai Mobis has independently developed the ‘Electric Active Roll Stabilization’, which is an electronically controlled suspension component. 

eARS are used to stabilize the left and right tilt of the vehicle in motion, thereby reducing the body pull caused by centrifugal force during a sharp turn and relieves shocks caused by an irregular road surface. While the Stabilizer-bar, an eARS former technology, compromises the comfort of the ride when the car is running forward to raise cornering performance, the company said that this new technology can actively respond to both situations. 

Developed over the past five years, the eARSdelivers world-class performance, increasing body stabilization performance by 40 percent and reducing the size of the system by 5 percent compared to the specifications of global competitors. Furthermore, eARSwas developed based on 12V and 48V, making it suitable for green vehicles. Hyundai Mobis is the only Korean automotive supplier to have developed eARS based on both 12V and 48V. 

Ears is a next-generation electric motor control system that replaces the conventional hydraulic control system, and so far, the new technology is currently produced by only a few automotive suppliers from Europe and Japan. 

Due to its high price, eARShas been only applied to a limited number of premium models. If the economic model is developed and popularized, eARSis expected to rapidly grow into the blue ocean market. Hyundai Mobis is currently developing an economic version of its eARS by employing only the core features of the technology. 

“Based on our new world-class electric chassis technology, we are planning to improve the safety of autonomous driving systems by applying our own sensors such as radars, LIDAR’s, and cameras to them,” said Kim Se-il, Vice president of Hyundai Mobis Chassis & Trim.

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