[North Korea] Pyongyang Information Center (PIC)
[North Korea] Pyongyang Information Center (PIC)
  • Choi Sung
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Choi Sung, Professor of computer science at Namseoul University
Choi Sung, Professor of computer science at Namseoul University


The Pyongyang Information Center (PIC) is an enterprise situated in Kyong-Heung dong near the Botng River in Pyongyang City, which is a pivotal computer-based management center for North-Korea and the mecca of software development centerfor the Korea Computer Center (KCC).

It was established on July 15th, 1986 as an organization to develop and sell various computer software. The center currently has about 500 computer experts from Kim Il-sung University, Kim Chaek University of Technology, Institute of Natural Science, and Pyongyang Computer Technology College researching various computer programs and devices. In 2006, the Pyongyang Information Center signed an agreement with Pohang University of Science and Technology to promote joint research in the field of information technology (IT), and is also making efforts to dispatch experts to computer software companies in China, Japan, and Singapore to acquire computer and IT skills. 

The Pyongyang Music Information Center

Internationally, it has been dispatching experts to computer software companies in China, Japan, and Singapore, developing software and working on acquiring computer and IT skills. PIC is actively pursuing custom development, joint development, and technology exchange with these countries.  

In addition, the Pyongyang Information Center – Singapore Internet website (http://www.pic-international.com), developed a partnership in information technology, introduced and established products developed by the Pyongyang Information Center, sold self-developed programs, and commissioned software development projects. 

The PIC was originally established as the ‘Pyongyang Program Development Company’ in 1986; it was reorganized as a Pyongyang Electronic Calculator Operator in October 1988 and then renamed ‘Pyongyang Information Center’ in July 1991. The center, which consists of a three-story building on a 10,000-square meter site, has more than 100 professional workers focused on developing software programs, including product process automation, office automation, and management programs. 

Printing software ‘Changdeok’(left), ‘Dangun’

The Pyongyang Information Center has document editing and printing software called ‘Changdeok’, ‘Dangun’, ‘Chamgul’, and ‘Recognition’ and design programs called ‘Mountain’, ‘Field’, and ‘Rainbow’. Furthermore, it also developed and distributed clothing design software and architectural design software such as ‘3D design program’ and ‘Integrated design program 2.0’. 

In addition, it also developed and distributed around the world programs such as ‘Pyeong-pil’ for editing multilingual documents and ‘Cheong-ru’ for editing programs. Moreover, the company has developed and supplied over 60 kinds of office automation and management programs to hundreds of factories, companies and industrial facilities including Mang Yong-daePatrior Aluminum factory, Koryo Hotel, Foreign Insurance Bureau, and Nampo Port.

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