LG Uplus unveils New Blackbox for real-time smartphone transmission of vehicle impact information
LG Uplus unveils New Blackbox for real-time smartphone transmission of vehicle impact information
  • Lee Jun-sung
  • 승인 2018.05.16 10:25
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LG Uplus announced on the 14th that it has developed a connected blackbox based on NB-IoT that can check real-time information on vehicle impact through its smartphone with a top South Korean navigation and blackbox company called Thinkware. 

The current blackbox was not able to detect an impact while a vehicle was parking; it had to be seen through a recorded video. 

Furthermore, because of the high demand for a communication type blackbox service that allows the driver to check the vehicle information while being only in the car, LG Uplus has been cooperating with Thinkware since February to start a ‘collaborative development of narrowband IoTblackbox technology’, therefore, releasing the connected blackbox. 

The developed product ‘Inavi Quantum 2 Thor Edition’ implements front-and-rear QHD image quality recordings, Vision Blind Spot Detection (BSD) functions that warns the driver of danger by detecting rear-blind spots, and communication using NB-IoT type technology ‘Inavi Connected’. 

By using the Usim chip, which is embedded in a separate dongle connected to the blackbox, the driver can see real-time information services through his/her smartphone. 

The smartphone service provides four major real-time interworking functions:▲ In the event of a car impact while parking, the owner’s smartphone application sends real-time alarms and an image cut at the time of impact to confirm the situation. ▲’Vehicle information display’ which can share information about vehicles through blackbox and OBD2. ▲ ‘Remote power control’ which can check the remaining battery charge and remotely control the power of the blackbox. ▲’Vehicle location confirmation’, which allows the owner to check the parked vehicle location and time directly on the mobile map. 

 “With the launch of NB-IoT blackbox, it is now possible to provide real-time information to the driver, such as impact detection, vehicle information, etc. In addition, NB-IoT is also expanding into a number of other areas, including piping network management, parking meter management, remote meter reading and electric car charger management, coupled with a variety of sensing technologies,” said LG U Plus mobile IoT manager Kim Young-man.

The price of the ‘Inavi Quantum 2 Thor Edition Connected package’ is 535.9 dollars for 64GB and 628.5 dollars for 128GB, depending on the storage capacity of the blackbox. 

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