ReloQuest Inc. Wins Innovation Award from Plus Relocation at 2018 Plus Partner Awards
ReloQuest Inc. Wins Innovation Award from Plus Relocation at 2018 Plus Partner Awards
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SUNRISE, Fla., May 22, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ReloQuest Inc., is honored to win Plus Relocation Innovation Award which recognizes ReloQuest as a supplier partner that has taken an idea and turned it into a solution that meets the needs of Plus and its clients. Plus Relocation announced, ReloQuest embraces innovation as a company—it's part of their DNA. Their game-changing approach has helped Plus bring greater transparency to its supply chain. ReloQuest shows a consistent willingness to bring new solutions to the table. Nominations were made by Plus employees, then voted on by the Plus global supply chain team and company executives.

ReloQuest has become the leading business solution modernizing the Mobility Industry by embracing the unique challenges of clients. ReloQuest allows companies and employees to search, compare, and book corporate apartments and hotels around the world. ReloQuest provides forecasting data, metrics and actionable insight to source better options and minimize corporate risk. The technology replaces antiquated and manual processes with seamless automated workflows and configurations resulting in up to 80% efficiency gains and up to 25% cost savings.

Darin Karp, ReloQuest Founder, and CEO stated, “Receiving this Award from Plus, fuels our team’s passion to continue to deliver a World Class Business Solution for a complex process that supports businesses and enhances the travelers experience. It’s an incredible relationship that we have with Plus and feel honored that they recognize and support our capabilities.”

ReloQuest clients lean on their vast industry experience to solve the diverse challenges, stay current and agile in a competitive market and meet any compliance requirements. In a world of ever growing sensitivity around data security and new regulations being introduced, such as GDPR; we take a lot of pride in our ability to create customized solutions that meet and exceed our clients’ requirements.

“Plus Relocation is excited to be partnering with ReloQuest to enhance our temporary housing solutions for our clients and their relocating employees. They are thoughtful partners who truly listen to make this a mutually beneficial partnership. We were able to collaborate to ensure that ReloQuest met our data security requirements. I am impressed with their business model, their people and their commitment to excellence,” stated Tracey Gatlin, CRP, Vice President, Global Supply Chain.

About ReloQuest

ReloQuest is the only enterprise business solution that connects companies and employees directly to local professionally managed temporary accommodations, serviced apartments and hotels around the world. ReloQuest is agnostic to which housing options are selected, therefore providing a truly transparent open marketplace. Employees receive the largest selection of options at the best rates available, that include service guarantees.

The ReloQuest ecosystem benefits everyone, from mobility professionals, assignees, suppliers to corporations. The aggregator technology simplifies the process of sourcing temporary accommodations and hotels while supplying: transparency, cost containment, real-time data, analytics, vetted global suppliers in over 75 Countries, and direct communication for all users. ReloQuest eliminates guesswork, mobility professionals are empowered with metrics providing the valuable strategic direction required to manage relocation, successfully.

Media Contact: Jeana Giordano

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