‘Autonomous driving map’ connecting Seoul-Paris-LA
‘Autonomous driving map’ connecting Seoul-Paris-LA
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SK Telecom to form Global Alliance to build world standard ‘HD Map’.

SK Telecom has formed an ‘OneMap Alliance’ with European, Chinese and Japanese companies to launch world standard HD map services. Four companies including SK Telecom, HERE from Europe, NavInfo from China, and Pioneer from Japan participated in the alliance. 

‘HERE’ is a leading precision mapping and positioning service company. ‘NavInfo’ is the leading Chinese navigation company. ‘Pioneer’ is a Japanese automotive electronics product company that provides high-quality map services through its subsidiaries. 

Under the partnership, North America, Europe, and Asian HD maps will be built on a single standard basis by 2020. It is planning to supply global standard HP maps to autonomous-driving car manufacturers and location-based service businesses in the future. 

To create global standard HD maps, SK Telecom will share its core competitiveness and infrastructure, including 5G mobile navigation technology and T-map real-time traffic information. ‘HERE’ offers HD map solutions and technical standards. ‘NavInfo’ and ‘Pioneer’ share their own precision map information of China and Japan. 

In addition, the ‘Onemap Alliance’ will introduce real-time map update solutions on its HD maps. This solution allows users to upload changes in objects that are recognized by normal autonomous driving cars as well as surveys cars to HD maps through 5G network in real time. 

“5G, which delivers peripheral information in real time, and HD mapping, which are the basis of route decision, are key technologies of autonomous driving cars. The company is planning to provide integrated services of HD maps with the car monitoring and smart city system,” said Huh Il-gyu, head of the IoT/Data business at SKT. 

“Automakers building automated cars are thinking globally and want a HD map that can scale with them. With the Onemap alliance’s HD map, autonomous cars makers can save time and money on building individual HD maps,” said Ralf Herrtwhich, vice-chairman of HERE.

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