Merck presents a new Digital Color Card application for smart phones
Merck presents a new Digital Color Card application for smart phones
  • Dan Yoo
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Merck today presented a new Digital Color Card application for smart phones and tablets. It brings a realistic representation of the company´s portfolio of coating effect pigments to the screen. The app is now available both for iOS and Android devices.

The application is unique in the industry and gives a realistic idea how the effect pigments appear in motion under direct light: Sensing the movement of the device, the app simulates the behaviour of a real panel being tilted. This enables to inspect a pigment from different angles. Alternatively, it is possible to watch a video of the moving panel.

“Digitalization plays a vital role in Merck´s constant development, and the Digital Color Card is one more step in that direction” explains Friedhelm Felten, Head of the Surface Solutions Business at Merck. The app´s easy accessibility and availability at any time provides a new service experience for everyone working with the company´s effect pigments or seeking new inspiration: “Coatings experts, designers or brand owners have now direct access to Merck´s extensive palette of effect pigments and can explore their possibilities”, underlines Felten.

The Digital Color Card is useful for getting inspiration as well as for checking technical details. The app provides two ways to explore the portfolio: The Inspirational View gives a visual access to the wide range of colorful pigments. Another view provides more technical information on each pigment. In depth details with all the technical data are available on fact sheets. This makes the app the digital supplement for Merck´s existing color cards and a convenient resource both for designers and for more technically oriented users.

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