KT Shows Digital Healthcare Solution
KT Shows Digital Healthcare Solution
  • Lee Jun-sung
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Kim Dong-yeon, Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, (left) listens to KT employee’s explanation of the mobile diagnostic device. 

KT (CEO Hwang Chang-gyu) presented ICT-based Digital Healthcare solutions to Kim Dong-yeon, Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, at the KT Gwanghwamun Building East on June 5th. 

The Digital Healthcare solution demonstrated by KT is linked to KT’s own healthcare platform, which includes blood, urine, ultrasound, and stethoscopes, enabling health checkups and healthcare anywhere and anytime. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) based video diagnostic solution company, LUNIT, which is working with KT on Digital Healthcare Business, conducted a demonstration of AI in X-ray images to determine whether tuberculosis and lung cancer were detected. 

Meanwhile, KT together with Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, have been establishing a remote cooperation system between the five local hospitals of the Russian Railways and the Moscow Central Hospital, and plan to establish a remote medical system on the Siberian transit trains by the end of the year. KT will be in charge of the construction and supply of digital healthcare solutions while the Seoul National University Bundang Hospital will be in charge of medical consulting and training for local medical staff based on diagnostic results. 

KT’s Digital Healthcare Solutions and platforms won the ‘Best Mobile innovation for Health’ award at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) held in Barcelona, Spain in February of this year, and were also recognized for excellence in the global market section. 


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